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KinMonmouth, Austin, TX, United States, Jan 23, 2006

This site isn't just about romance. About 70 of us gathered in New York City this past weekend. It was a tremendous event and many great new friendships were made. Thank you BK for this site that put us all together, thank you my fellow BK er's for making it such a wonderful experience.

grnidwitch, Elgin, IL, United States, Jan 16, 2006

I wasn't looking for anyone but a friend, then the The Watchman found me. This man has brought so much joy, happiness and love to my life. Love is out there and it will find you. Bully, you are the ONE. I love you.

IronCowboyNH, Meredith, NH, United States, Jan 14, 2006

I saw her picture (holding a prize catch) and sent her an invitation to chat.

We decided to meet with friends and had a great time.

After 9 months and a ton of riding together we are like two peas in a pod and lov'n it. Thanks Bikerkiss for bringing us together.


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Amethyst, Mesa, AZ, United States, Jan 09, 2006

How could I not care. I gave up awhile ago seeking any one for a relationship let alone date. I thought I was in heaven when we met. We have an open,honest,caring relationship. I love time spent with him. Hes my sweety.
Love ya! honey

Amethyst & Saulgood

Chica, San Antonio, TX, United States, Jan 07, 2006

When I saw Steve's photo in this website, I saw something very special about him. We initiated contact on the telephone for aprox 2 months, then we met for lunch outside of Houston.

It took less than an hour, while eating lunch, for both of us to realize that we both wanted to see each other again. The following two weeks (during Christmas and New Year's) we spent almmost every day together. We discover that we have several things in common and we both want the same out of life. We have