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meangirl , FRAMINGHAM, MA, United States

Wow, Serious as a heart attack, I can't believe the fact that you people responded so quickly, and at all.Usually, letters are weaned out by some bitter person who feels this is their way of "getting 'em back!" and our letters get used as comedic relief for above persons! ha ha.

Thankyou so much. I'm really enjoying your site. So much more than other places.

I've begun talking to a couple of members and I find there is more connection between us all. Anyway, thanks for the reply. Maybe one of these days I'll get a date!!!! Sincerely, Diane Quinn aka


Windinmyhair51 , Dothan, AL, United States
Thank you for this site....I have truley enjoyed it and now have two of my girlfriends to join it...We are all bike riders an have met some very interesting men here....I have found everyone to be very honest and take great pride in what they have to say on their profile..havent found any other site that I like as well as BikerKiss..thank you again for helping all of us to meet and exchange or profiles, Sincerely Bonny Hatcher

I have met another bikerkiss member and we are in love, ty so much for being a part in us finding each other,,,,teresa.

John Harvey winked at me,,, i took his wink,,, but we couldnt email any further,,, so i paid the $29.00 in order to email him,,, and we talked on phone,,, this was in August,,07,,, have met 2 times,, we live 130 miles away from each other,,, talk on the phone every day,,, talking marriage,,, in our future,,so thank-u biker kiss,, for making it possible,,, for us to b in contact,,,,teresa aka/jaded55

Misty_Mountian , Kamloops, BC, Canada
One day I was going through the members and seen a profile of majorman, I decided to say "Hi" and he replied and since then the emails have gone back and forth, and phone calls. Since he lives in Chicago and I live here in western Canada, we had plans of travelling on our bikes to meet each other half way, but needless to say majorman had rode many many miles to meet me on his bike this past June 2006 and have been together since. I was so amazed by majormans dedication and finally meeting, I knew he was for me, we travel back and forth to see each other and have spent wonderful times and look forward to our life together, the marriage is set for June 29th 2007 at a bike rally here in Canada.
It was a time when I had given up on hoping to find a man for me, but looking at his picture and profile, I gave it one more chance, I can't thank biker kiss enough for finding a man for me, as me with him.
Thanks BK

All my love.


blackwidow96 , Tucson, AZ, United States
I signed up for my profile and foud myleatheryourlace in about 10 minutes.
It was incredibly easy! I winked at him 2 days later and got a wink back
right away. we shared a few e-mails and neither one of us wanted endless
e-mails so I sent him my phone number and the first night we talked it
was a 4 hour conversation. The night after that it was 5 hours and eqach
conversation was at least that long or longer. We are meeting in Vail
at a night spot that bikers frequent and I am staying with him thisweekend.
We can't wait to meet and to finally get our hands on each other!!! I
really like him and between the talking and the pics back and forth, we both
know for sure we are physically attracted to each other!! If for some
reason it dosn't work out I know right where to come back to. I doubt that will happen as we are perfectly suited to each other in every way! See ya
and thanks for everything.Blackwidow96