Motorcycle Album of TheDesigner (19)
    Yes it was pretty cold that day,when you need to torpeto heater to warm the bike up.
    Had to brush bike off before leaving
    Front with many add ons
    Got more of the light kit done.
    My ride.
    Nice blue color.
    Much needed wheel cleaning
    Clean for being a 1997.
    Bike at this time. Lots of chrome and nice pipes.
    Custom tail lights. Tips from Harley exhaust with LED lights in them. Bright
    Took trunk off. Looks so differnt.
    First bike
    Working on a weather vane.2013
    Fresh tires and brakes. Ready to ride.
    Porch getting full.
    First bike started out on.
    Bright to show all. Controller has a bottom to fade the lights.
    The chrome is all over.