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Motorcycle Album of Panman62851 (23)
    9 Best in Class Awards & 2 Peoples choice ,Best in show
    8 inch extended swing arm Chrome an Slammed
    I did the flames with an Iwata CHPlus in lapis blue viper red and corvet yellow.
    Stacks lowered. Two years ago.
    Its all in the detail
    I did this keeping it as much stock appearing with suttle detail. Lowered swing are etc
    I\'m gonna keep the front end but next year it will be all chromed.
    I fitted a polished fat boy wheel on the back , lowered swing arm drops the bike bout 2 "
    16" over girder, half in rake and a dead rams head artwork.
    Chroma Base with immrn clear. Airbrushed flames.
    Genuine Swap Meet special. Built from scratch. 34 years in making
    I ride this machine daily. It really grabs attention on the streets
    Ya feel like ya got a attack helicopter on yer six.
    My 79 Low Rider. also got to be a nice bike. It was rough but all there an runnin.
    Fat boy Wheel
    other side
    Pait is Wild Mouse Metalflake Red an Black pearl
    Large FL chain guard is kool.
    blah blah blah
    and blah blah blah
    My best friends Busa...he built the thing and I painted it. FAST
    Anyone wanna smoke a fattie?
    Its a panhead and its nicely detailed.