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    I would love to know how we are suppose to live in a free country and a free democrecy,yet are forced by law to wear a helmet.I disagree that they are a safe item to wear,they can be more of a hinderance than a safty device under certain circumstances.We are forced to wear them because some so-called well to do jerk off who as never riden a motorcycle in his life ,say's we do,when they made there almighty decesion for all us free riding bikers who get no say whatso ever in the matter i wonder if they took into consideration how many necks they were going to brack in forcing the issue,i wonder how many people have actually sustained much more serious head and neck injurys due to wearing a helmut.It may sound silly but it's not,a helmut can become a dangerous weapon in some accident circumstances,
    . I;m proof of that when after going arse over head on a dirt bike mt neck was nearly broken due to my head being stuck inbetween a pole and a tree,if i would of had no helmet on which i would of prefered my head would not of become trapped in the first place therefore my neck would still be in good shape.If people wish to wear them well thats there business and for those of us who dont want to wear them should'nt be forced to by little jonny jack boots and his horde of wannabe do gooders they call the goverment.And if thats not bad enough they also bring in a law so that we cant wear a helmet of our own choice bet it must be a offical safty approved thing that makes you look like a dead-set prick or a aleian.So why cant we chose our own helmets we are big boy's and if i was to die because i was not wearing a helmet or because i chose to wear a skid lid or german helmet,i certainly would'nt look to blame anyone but my self for it,
    .Ive just lost my licese for another 6 mth because of this forced safty issue,so you tell me where is the freedom in riding a motorcycle gone to.what's next, they tell us how many miles we are allowed to ride a day.helmuet law sucks. what freedom

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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 20, 2007 at 01:14 PM

    because it saves your head silly... tut tut... you must have more straight roads there huh...
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