what's with ohio girls? Romance

  • View author's info Author posted on Feb 15, 2007 19:28

    I'd just like to meet one with some substance. I'm sick of them whining about their hair getting messed up when they ride. what happened to enjoying spending time together and not worrying about the social environment. I don't want to spend my life hanging out in a bar, I have better things to do. isn't a relationship supposed to be a partnership and not one partner trying to dominate the other? where are you Ohio girls that still get it, lifes to precious to worry about petty shit that just doesn't mean a damn thing.
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  • View author's info posted on Feb 21, 2007 11:46

    Well when I get there first of April I'll let u know. I do agree, a girly girl should not be on the back of a bike, especailly i she is going to worry about her hair. Good luck to u.

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