Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Romance Forward to friends

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    imurbikerlady49 write:
    There are those gypsies, tramps and thieves that are masters of disguise, making it very difficult to determine their character until its too late and you've been victimized.

    hey don't put down us gypsies, tramps and thieves we have our morrals also
    like I have never slept with a sheep
    or been to "Broke-Back Mountain"
    All of these Bible thumpers here may have missed the point.
    the point is the Bible is not a book for Saints.
    the Bible is a guide for Sinners and a sinner I am.
    You may call me a Pagan, Heethen, gypsie tramp and thief all you want
    thank you, just don't call me late for Breakfast!

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    MaMa says, "Stupid is as stupid does." IF I want to be stupid I get a stupid gal. It's all in how I am reading the pages inside the book. When I was young WHO CARED, we road hard, drank hard, and play'd hard, then we did it some more. TODAY, it would just be nice to find a regular gal, that is into ME,, as I am TODAY, not the buff stallion I was in my youth. I read allot of the profiles here, seems the gals all want trophies, have a lady friend that says the same about us men. PLAY ON PLAYERS, you will be left on the side of the pike someday, THEN wonder why all of a sudden your P00P does stink LOLOLOLOLOL. My answer to all this NEVER LOOSE FAITH NOR SELF, to try to accomodate another. One of the 'tomatoes' here said, NEVER LIE THEN YA DON"T HAVE TO REMEMBER.

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    There are those gypsies, tramps and thieves that are masters of disguise, making it very difficult to determine their character until its too late and you've been victimized. I'm sure its happened to all of us at least once. I could get into the social economics or phychotic personality disorders that might clarify some of the reasons why some people lie and cheat but I'm limited on the characters I have left to respond to this thread. And, with on line dating (Internet), its a perfect setting for the sweet and innocent to be targets of these preditors. Of course, not all situations are this drastic, there are those that just like to play games, but its up to us to take responsibility for who we chose to spend our time with. Look for the red flags, they are usually there but we might miss them through their good looks and great ass. One thing is for sure, preaching to them, begging them and even trying to reach their conscience (because they don't have one) will never change those that chose to lie and cheat either here, in person or otherwise.
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    Babe, you must be hanging out with the wrong women...
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    Lying is cowardace,selfishness.So be sure and check the boxes next to coward and selfish also when you fill out your profiles(I don't meen the people commenting here,unles it applies ;)!But,the truth does need to be told at the proper time,which is ASAP.If you think the truth will bother or offend someone,you sure don't care much for them by keeping it from them,they have the right to their own feelings,and you can't expect how another might accept the truth,too many mindreaders with crystal balls out there.
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    Never tell a lie, you don't have to remember anything.
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    bang on.dont know why people think its better to lie.honesty is the best policy
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    This is the start of a new thread dealing with the horror stories of online dating. I was a little tired of reading about all the "married, lying, cheating, asshole men" on here without much mention of all the "married, lying, cheating, women". I'm not here to defend either, but I am here to set some things straight. Cheaters, liars and assholes come in all shapes, sizes, colors AND sexes. There are plenty of women out there cheating on their men. I have been the unknowing recipient of some unscrupulous behavior by a few women. They weren't getting what they wanted at home, so they found me.'s all wrong. I didn't appreciate being used and I wouldn't want to be the guy sitting at home thinking his old lady was out with her friends while in truth she was, well, I think we can use our imaginations here. If you're a swinger, be a swinger. If you like the same sex, do your thing. Just don't lie about it. That doesn't mean you have to offer that information on the first date, or even within the first month. If you're asked, you should be truthful. The point is, who we are and what we say is all we have. There is a lot to me that most people don't know because it's none of their business. But if a woman I'm having a relationship with asks me, I'm going to tell her. If that causes her to leave me, then I'm better off and so is she. In the words of Oscar Wilde "the only normal people you know are the ones you don't know well." And that couldn't be more true. So be the freak you want to be, or the conservative pillar of morals if that's your thing. But tell the truth, show some character, and if someone tells you something in confidence, keep it there. People who tell things out of school show more about themselves than the person they're talking about. "and as the man lay there dying, he asked the snake ""after all the love I've given you, why did you bite me?"" The snake simply said ""you knew what I was when you picked me up.""
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    I too agree....bad in both.
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    nicely put
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    I completely agree.