Is anyone getting e-mails from BK that there selling pills?? Upcoming new features

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    Rescue1 write:
    Azzkikr write:
    Rescue1 write:
    brotherrobert write:
    your rigth , none of you guys out thaire can get it up , so taking over where bob dole left off , you know that little blue pill , you have to take , time it from too see one
    Numb nut, go back to elementary school and learn how to speak. This is what you get when your pop banged his sister.

    How about I ram my foot up your azz!

    mrazzboy, As not to annoy other fine members on this site, we will have to come to some sort of agreement to keep all the BS to one thread, not to interfere with other members threads. The thread will be ironically under friends. Thank you, Resce

    do those guys put their thing in your mouth til it hardens up before or after they take the little blue pill?
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