BK shirts Suggestion Box

  • View author's info posted on May 09, 2006 03:27

    awww come on girl, buy a shirt. Who wants to mess with sticky tape anyway. Knowing you girl, you'll put it upside down, hahahaha. Hey maybe I ought to do it myself and sell them. If BK don't want to do anything, well??????
  • View author's info posted on May 05, 2006 20:24

    I m sorry but I wouldnt pay for a shirt ....take some black tape and make a b and a k......taddaaaaaaaaaa....lmao
  • View author's info posted on May 04, 2006 16:35

    cruisergurl write:
    Kevin, do we have anything like that. It would be great if you could make tee shirts and tank tops with some kind of logo with BK. I don't know wether bikerkiss would be the actual logo, more BK. This would also be great to identify other members who might wear them at ralleys. And I'm that sure that many of your members here would buy them. After all when members address others like, "who from BK is going" got the idea. Also helps identify when meeting others on road tours or along the route to travel together and meet them at designated places. Maybe the member can throw around some logos and BK can be the judge of the winning logo. am I heading for the gold ring yet? lol

    I like the Idea.
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