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    Big_Azz_Ham write:
    Thanks for all the great information! I appreciate it.

    One more question: We're thinking about driving to Hoboken, leaving the car and taking the train into the city. Our other option is drive in through the Lincoln tunnel ( we're staying in midtown ). Considering we'll be arriving about 9:30 pm, which is the better option? Thanks!

    Me personally? I'd just drive right in. Traffic's not bad at that time. Check with your hotel because they usually give their guests discounted rates at nearby parking lots.

    Have a great time.....
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    Oh yeah.... there are some really great ones.....

    Try the Blue Note - its been around forever. 131 West 3rd St. right in the Village.

    Or there's B.B. Kings at 232 West 42nd but thats Midtown. The main room always has a big show goin, but there's always great Blues goin at Lucille's Bar.....

    And there's always The Village Vanguard at 178 7th Ave South.

    Jill and I are goin to see the Allman Brothers at the Beacon on Friday night, but we're meetin at The Red Rock West on West 17th St. & 9th Ave. before the show. That's a biker bar, but we'll get our shot 'o blues from Greg and the Brothers later lol... You're more than welcome to join us - at the Red Rock - not the show lol - thats sold out ..... Just shoot me an email and I'll give ya the details.

    If not, have fun in our city and wave to us :))
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