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    Its the fukin internet Dude you should be proud your woman gets hit on -- the 2 of you shouldn
    t be here if that bothers ya,I bet she loves it ---but it really just sounds like a security/trust issue thats yours only. If ya have any sense you will pull this display of insecurity off here before she even knows about it--if her actions worry the sh1t out of you that much and you
    re bothered by this petty sh1t, well, marriage will be laugh.
    Pat her on the a$$ and tell her the world wants to get in her pants and be happy your the stud that does!!---of course thats just my humble opinion Dude. LMFAO
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    she wasn't contacted on a dating site. thank you 4eva. neener neener i usually say naha. still neener neener put a big smile on my face. definitly secure hell getting married tomorrow. thanks for the smile
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    Guys still hit on me even knowing that Im with Guy... we just delete and do not answer... If you are secure in your relationship then it should just make you proud that other guys still want her... Just smile and say neeener neeener neeener!!
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    you're on a dating site... what did you expect? as far as fighting on the internet, it's dumb and pointless.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 12, 2006 at 07:50 AM

    dzbuster write:
    curious as to what you'd do in my shoes. some 23 yo dumbass writes my wife that she's sexy he's sorry she's married and if she'd like to hook up get back to him. i know this is the internet and all but i reacted almost like real life. i explained that she's married (ok 3 more days getting hitched valentines) he showed severe disrespect to me and if he wanted to continue to get back to me. he lives the next town over. people such as my uncle said why bother which confuses me as he helped raise me so i figured i agree with much of whats posted here so i'd ask here. what would you do. thanks

    On the lighter side.....

    I'd just check to make sure.
    "my sleeping bag was still rolled up behind the couch"
    Glen Cambell

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