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    greeneyes10 write:
    How? What is the process of letting go? How do I forgive? I know that I must...but how?

    what ever you bind on earth is bound in heaven..
    do you really want to carry that around for an eternity?

    Anger, hatred and malice is a poison that sickens your life.

    If the person is still dangerous renegotiate the relationship if they must remain in contact.
    Create boundaries to protect yourself but don't imprision yourself in negative emotions.

    and if you are a Christian remember these words,
    "forgive them for they know not what they do"
    If Christ as a man could suffer the physical beatings and abuse of soldiers and when at last had nails driven through his flesh and hung upon a cross to suffocate and bleed to death, could speak these words..
    "forgive them for they know not what they do"
    and he ask you to follow him out of Love, than look upon those injuries you have received at the hands of others and release your own injuries as he has released your injuries against him.
    He wants you to live a full life of Love and not be imprisioned by hate or the deceit of pain.
    If we are hurt it is often because we risked loving and the greater our Love the greater is the risk that we to shall find suffering but that should not shadow the immense joy found in the cross when at last it was breathed.
    "it is accomplished."
    Feed My Sheep and Follow Me..

    Darkness has enough followers who hold onto their disease like a treasure and continue to injure in ignorance.
    Love is the only way to find Dawn.
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    pray and ask for strenth daily ,,,you are never alone ,,,that's God's promise to us all ,,,,talk to him often,,,, he's listining,,,,and he know's what you need before you do ,,,put it all in his hand's and seek true peace ,,,and he will show you the way or place that you truly need to be,,,it will all happen in HIS time,,,be blessed...<>
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