Promise or History? Relationship

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    DirtyBikers4Eva write:

    Msbikerkitty write:
    Can we please let this be between the two people involved?Why does everyone have to get into it .

    Besides, MsKitty some would rather leap into someone else's business than to examine the things that might be wrong with them. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle.....

    Rev, let me know if I can help in anyway.
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    sorry chance... when SS posted again he opened the door. it's not in me to not say something. I am not sticking my nose in someone's home this is different because it is public. Not saying something would be like walking by on the street and closing my eyes. I just can't do it.
    If this offends your sense of order, I'll have to live with that. like I said..sorry but I just can't.
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    Can we please let this be between the two people involved?Why does everyone have to get into it .
  • View author's info posted on Jan 08, 2006 06:15 I know you...I've met you or someone like you so many times...spewing your passive aggresive pompous bullsh1t to tell all that you are in the right without actually saying a man...let it go. attempting to sell to everyone that black is white and it's all someone else's fault. that makes me gag. all you SS apologists...if I am what? I just don't care. I don't bend over backwards to be fair when men fight with women ... and that's just what this is...verbal, physical or printed, a fights a fight. Don't tell me what the Bible says about judgment...I don't care...unless you can show me that it also says it's cool for men to fight with women... even in this enlightened age.
    So I say to you Springer..COWBOY THE FCUK UP... and stop fighting with women.
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    believe who YOU are for yourself before someone else takes two to tango and two to waltz..accept that being wrong doesn't make it right..but acceptance of what is and what will never be ..ok zep qouote...lets just call it the truth is what it is..everyone makes mistakes ..if you blame then then perhaps you are to blame. of course violence is NEVER acceptable ..but we are all human beings and you have the choice to understand and be stronger than that. hrly gurl...I feel 4 you darlin' do not let this person win for one more minuet!! you are awesome be happy you deserve it!!! and Rev ..girl you do too!!!
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    SS, Just ran across this and i
    m amazed you are still posting your hypocritical bullsh1t!!!
    I hope you saw my post to you in the "History Anyone" thread. In fact i
    m sure you did since you vanished. But it blows my mind you
    re still spouting your long winded, poetic bullsh1t. You portray yourself as some genius and philosopher and that sure gives me a good laugh!!LMFAO Thanks.
    But as I said in my previuos post, if the accusations are true you are in fact just some longwinded stream of diarrea that needs flushing. The year is 2006, have you talked to your shrink about how to transport your extremly strange a$$ mind to the present.There is no and I mean NO excuse to batter a woman. Except for a few poor blind souls, which is a shame in itself--- you have no respect remaining.
    Oh Yea, my offer at the end of my other post still stands

    Lowryder--if you were in court "again" as you say and it was for abuse of a woman---then you have good reason to----"Hope me or the vocal few who have the balls to speak up-- weren
    t the jurors"

    SS,This is what I feel about any abuser and if the facts prove you are not guilty my words should slid right off your back. And I will stand up and make it known I was wrong.
    Either way you know where I stand and stand firm on the subject of abuse be it women or children at the hands of a man..
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    I have been doing a lot of reading to figure out how this whole experience can be placed in my past and learned from...and I found a profound quote:

    "Betrayal is the only truth that sticks" - Arthur Miller

    Until more time shall pass, this is what I am reflecting on.

    Rev...great quote. I am big on quotes. They always seem to express what I can't quite say.

    I may have told you this one before, but this is one that is rock solid and I feel if we all truly do what it says, we may be able to prevent a few heartaches, whether in love, with friends, co-workers, and even family.

    "When someone shows themself to you the first time...believe them."

    For me, it means, the first time my ex cheated on me, I should have believed him to be a cheater, no matter how much he cried. The first time he lied, I should have believed him to be a liar, no matter how much he apologized. And so on.

    I have always heard that people don't change. And I have yet to see it proved wrong. As much as I wanted to believe him when he said "I swear I'll never do it again" 6 years earlier, I was a fool and trusted him. Well, he did it again. He showed me who he really was, and I didn't believe him.

    Things we go through affect us for a long time. In April, my divorce will be final for 2 years. I think about him everyday. Not in a longing way, but he was a part of my life for over 11 years, what kind of person would I be if I could erase him that quick?

    Just last night I had a dream that I had just gotten married. I was in a dress and everything. I don't remember his face, but whoever my husband was, was in his tux, and walked out of a room with another woman. I looked at him and said "Did you sleep with her?" and he shook his head that he did. I turned and walked down some stairs. That's all I remember.

    I think that is something that is telling me that I am not quite ready to trust again. I don't think I cried, or got upset, I just turned and walked down some stairs. Kinda like maybe I expected it.

    Trust me Sweetie, hurt does eventually ease, but it never goes away. If it did, we would never learn from it. One thing I refuse to believe though is that every man will cheat and lie to me. I don't think I'm quite yet there, but it's getting closer.

    You'll be fine, and talking about it helps. Or it did for me...and still does. Everything happens for a reason. Be thankful for what you had with him, and even more thankful this came to the surface before marriage vows or children.

    We love you Rev, and only wish there was something we could do to ease the pain a little faster. We've all pretty much been there so never feel you're alone.
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    Nodey write:
    Thank you Rocky.Will be a nicer trip now that the backrest is attached.

    I remember...Nodster..Back can rest but nice to have your own...

    side by side is nice too...we Lady's will all have that some day...
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    Yes, it is interesting betrayal when one pretends to be ready for a relationship, but is no where close to being ready for a relationship. It is also saddening when the individual who tries to save the person drowning is bludgeoned in the process and is nearly drowned by the victim. Rescuing people is not a safe action or decision.

    I imagine one will continue to operate from a center of powerlessness and blame their decisions and actions on someone for a long time.
    I think the healing will begin when they can take responsibility for their choices and begin to tell others the truth of the deceptions they crafted.

    It is always the easiest path to confront or blame someone other than ourselves.

    I think in a relationship when recognizing patterns that a potential partner is operating out of it is important to check one's own participation in the pattern and stop contributing to it. Often times two people feel a strong connection if their patterns resonate. For example, the helpless victim falls in love with the rescuer, this happens in a variety of situations actual medical treatment between patient and nurse, psychologist, doctor or anyone in the role who is perceived by the deeper eye as the rescuer or savior archetype.
    If one looks at one's life and sees a continual pattern repeating itself it is evident that the problem is found with what is common to each cycle; the person experiencing the pattern.
    If you are continually being rescued and find each situation the same it is highly plausible that the position of pity or dependence is engaging the pattern. It can be more difficult to recognize and curtail this pattern the earlier in life it began operating in one's life as a method of solving or avoiding a problem.

    Interesting dialogue and discussion..reminds me a little of three blind men or women all holding a different piece of reality that none can perceive all of and whose prejudices blind one to what truth maybe because they don't wish it so. Also saddly speaks a little of the God of Strife who wears a bicolored hat and walks through the middle of two fields of workers.

    I would whole heartily agree with the stance against abusers. I think it has many shapes and forms none of which are healthy or appropriate. I think it is also interesting that s e x is often a blinder of prejudice that one fails to see who the real abuser is. Abuse is most often inflicted by those who feel powerless and blame others or situations for their condition. An abusers frustration and anger is projected outward instead of inward because the problem or pain they suffer can't possibly be caused by them.
    Sovereign individuals who take responsibility for their choices and actions have nothing to project because they are the source and creators of their own destinies. The anger lies internally if it all. They immediately find frustration within themselves and see their own contribution to their situation. Often times they are more patient with others than they are themselves.

    Great dialogue. I hope all are starting the New Year off on a good note.
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    Warm Hugs Rev,

    And, best wishes for healing to flow for every person affected!

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    IF I or my statements here have been misread or miscommunicated, allow me to expound.
    I too am against abuse, be it physical, mental or emotional. Period.
    I have and will continue to place myself between abuser and the abused, whenever I see it and if there was violence here, and i'm not saying there wasn't, then the authorities should have been called and someone went to jail.
    However. I'd like to point out that there is abuse directed toward someone on this thread, by people who were not there and cannot possibly know everything that happened. So where is the f*ucking difference?
    As for any who may think me wishy washy;
    You are right. I'm wishy that my washy was done. Ah so.
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    Hot4Hogs write:
    Interesting how this thread took the typical turn of most BK threads. One either believes in his/her comments or one does not.

    I will not apologize for nor retract anything I posted. I do not post anything that I will not stand behind now or in the future.

    And I applaud the other 2-3 people who stood behind their posts and were not swayed by retribution.

    This is a Forum for lighthearted banter, information, dating prospects, and personal opinions. I post my opinion, I do not direct others.

    This type of wishy washy, CYA, Oh-Dear- I've-stepped-on-someones-toes inconsistancy is the reason I rarely post anymore. No one seems to want to stand behind what he/she says for fear someone else may not like it.

    I have met some wonderful people through BK and for that I am thankful. But the turn this site has taken is disconcerting to say the least.

    H4H I understand what you are saying, and yes I too have seen the direction of many threads change in the way that you point out. Please know that my opinion of people who resort to physical abuse has not changed, nor did I or will I back down or retract any of my original statements to the person I believe was the abuser....that is IF he was, in fact, the abuser.

    I had to take the time to re-read all the posts on this thread before posting this, and after doing so, I still stand by my opinions of abuse and my opinion of abusers.

    However, after it was pointed out to me that I was not privy to the details of their particular situation, and after looking at that, I did apologize for jumping the gun without knowing all the facts. I still stand by this.

    You're right that these forums are here for our banter, information and for our opinions. I just feel that I stated my opinion without knowing all of the facts. And no... physical abuse is not acceptable in any form, but for me, condemning someone without knowing all of the facts is akin to a lynching, and I felt that I was a party too that. For that, I apologized.

    Please re-read Seeme's words about how stories can get twisted and sometimes the wrong party can get blamed for an act they did not commit. And the ramifications of that false accusation caused an unspeakable amount of pain.

    I still stand by my words, but I realize that I was wrong to judge someone because of a story I heard through a third party. As a matter of fact, the next day I heard a totally different story from a totally different third party, saying some things that were totally opposite from the first story I heard..... So that made me look hard at my "judgements" of one particular person, and take a step back to look at my words condemning him.

    That to me is what exchange of information is - listening to someone elses take on a particular subject, and being open enough to accept a differing opinion.

    As I stated, I probably will never know the true facts about what transpired between Rev and SS, so I will reserve judgement at this time. I will not, however, retract any of my opinions about people who abuse..... I just choose not to direct them at any one particular person at this time....
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    Thank you Rocky.Will be a nicer trip now that the backrest is attached.
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    Nodey write:

    HarleyGurl35 write:

    Haven't seen your sweet face in a while! So glad to see you!

    Hey there HG! I seldom post these days. Too much strife in here for me lately. I tried to register at Evite,but having problems.
    Rich and I plan on riding out in April.Just keep us up-to-date!!!

    Miss ya Nodster...easier to chat at evite...less strife as you say..see ya in April...Rocky=.)
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    HarleyGurl35 write:

    Haven't seen your sweet face in a while! So glad to see you!

    Hey there HG! I seldom post these days. Too much strife in here for me lately. I tried to register at Evite,but having problems.
    Rich and I plan on riding out in April.Just keep us up-to-date!!!
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    Haven't seen your sweet face in a while! So glad to see you!
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    Nodey, your words ring of truth and I'm all for support of friends, just think that doesn't have to include putting badmouth on anyone. That should be reserved for private email.
    Just my thoughts. : )
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    Ya know,We as friends have always stated how we come to this site to share.I did it when I was hurting. I came and shared openly(maybe foolishly)because I knew there were wise,compassionate people here who would share their experiences with me. Who could help me through a hard time(free of charge).
    This site is about relationships of all types.Last time I looked, friends share not only the good times,but also the bad.
    I believe Rev came here because she's hurting and needs her friends.
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    This will be delayed by 24 hours but....

    Happy New Year Everyone

    the old and young
    the happy and sappy
    the crabby and angry
    the boys and girls
    the men and women
    Today is a new day and a new year has been given.
    Make the most of the life you are living
    Forgive yesterdays and dream better tomorrows
    Life is for laughter and friends
    not for sorrow and bitterness.
    Life is fleeting so watch the emotions you are keeping.
    "what so ever you bind on earth is bound in heaven"
    I know I wouldn't want to be carrying anything other than joy and love for eternity.

    Peace all
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    You know Seeme...THAT'S more like it.

    Happy happy my friends!
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