Promise or History? Relationship

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    Hot4Hogs write:
    Yes it should have been "By facing our" or even better "one facing their" I will watch my typos.
    SpringerSoul write:
    When you are flawless criticize and advise; others could use your wisdom but Love is more counsel than criticism.
    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    I am who I am
    I speak only for myself and cast light that others may avoid stones in their path since it is easy to stumble on what one does not see.
    I think Hot4hogs, it is a case of does one live for yesterday and its history or does one become honest and aware of their own mechanisms to address history and fulfill promise's possibility.
    Whether it is my or our introspection as a group or individuals matters not though group introspection could change things on a larger scale. The question remains, do I or we want to remain what we are or to become what we can be.
    No flowery words just action based on new awareness by honestly embracing one's folly.
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    grnidwitch write:

    SpringerSoul write:
    Personal history often creates in us addictive patterns of behavior and perception.
    Personal attraction and mate selection is often unwillingly part of the patterns and images of history that thwart the promise one seeks.
    One need hardly speak when it is realized that history hasn't been as golden as myth would have it and many have a battered past whose affects continue to last because be they for ill or well our bodies have adapted their sensory messengers to the familiarity of the pattern en countering thee and we find more attention given to familiarity than a strange uncertainty and often times though promise sits upon our very nose; we can not see it because we do not know it!
    What is this crazy fool trying to say for all his battering words?
    Only this --that though you seek the "promise" your guide is your "history" that doesn't know what your promise even looks or feels like. If you have not met your promise how can you know it?
    Give yourself time to rest in the unfamiliar and explore the unusual relationship even if you must keep it at length just to brave its discovery for it may hold the key to the promise and not your history.
    History has a powerful resonate affect that bathes one in familiarity but unless you truly have searched the depths of self and know what comforts thee and not be so certain it is good for thee. Refined sugar is a sweet that gives the pancreas an early grief.

    A young fool

    Very young and very foolish.

    Yes, but my facing our foolishness we find not only wisdom but the freedom to be who we really are.
    Often times the hardest path is admitting an illusion or delusion.
    It is best to wake up a fool and die a wise man then to sleep a century as a fool and never know better.

    Your chastisement is accepted but to every tension two poles exist and I refuse to slander to justify.
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    seeme1st write:
    this is true--unless we make an effort to change it--the thing is even when we recognize it we still seek it---comfortable

    acknowledge--we see the cycle
    acceptance--we voice it to others
    action--we make the choice and seek the therapy needed to change the prior actions

    "we all seek something we were missing in our younger yrs also"
    it could be conformity if we grew up in a non-conforming home or hugs if we grew up in a non-touching home

    "we all seek something we were missing in our younger yrs also"
    I think that is what is interesting. We miss something from our youth so we choose an image that is our "promise" to have something better to fill in what was missing and yet our "history" IS the youth and those realities we are comfortable with.
    It is how we define ourselves or one could say our accepted and reinforced identity. How do you come to the point of saying "this is not Who I am" but "this is Who I am" not by your words but by your every action your living.
    Yes, analytical therapy can help you explore it but every praise or insult you ever received, every act of acceptance or rejection you ever felt, every amount of Love or distaste you ever were immersed in changed you because you changed to feel good and if that feeling good meant you accepted you were a bad person then that is what you became.
    Remember every time you reinforce a former thought pattern through speech, action or belief you remain your history.
    Jung, was quite convinced that the soul of a woman was male and the soul of man was female. It is the condition and image of our own soul that we select as our mate. Is that the history of our Soul and what it experienced or is it the "promise of our Soul and what it dreams?

    Thank you everyone your communion is drank in pleasure.
    Peace and growth ....go for it Vulcan I know I am trying.
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    I think it isn't an issue of bringing up the past as can be the case when arguing or addressing conflicts.
    It is how the past has shaped us, in what we notice, what we are attracted to, how we perceive and how our bodies respond to stimulus we are comfortable with. Our instinctual or habitual response is from our history not our promise.
    The trick is that while the body is ancient in its wiring the mind has been evolving. Human language is unique to our knowledge because it can communicate about past and future events. However, because we can imagine something in our mind or focus on the "promise" we want for ourselves it doesn't mean our biology will allows us to easily change our migration path.
    We might dream of flying to another place, but our instincts and history will keep us on the same old flight path.
    The trick is not in bringing it up but in recognizing that you are living it daily, second by second in every en counter. To reach for what your mind can see you must grasp where and why you are where you are and what patterns you have formed that guide you.
    If you can look at the tools of your navigation and realize the errors they contain you can either compensate for the errors or struggle to develop new tools. The advance of the industrial age has been old tools making better tools and technology progressing by such a path so the same is possible in the psyche of the individual. You can not make a better Sextant though if you don't understand how it functions.

    Ok more rambling...
    Thank you...I just think a great deal and this gives me a playful forum to make some room and share some thoughts...
    If you bring up the past you hands are on the anchor of yesterday and not controlling the main mast sails and rudder of tomorrow.

    Choose a destiny and set sail! Life is your ocean.
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