Surgery for "Pain In The NECK"-What worked for you? Health Forward to friends

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    Must be horrible to live in a humorless world huh? It was just a joke...
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    DoubleDelight write:
    Anybody who has had neck surgery:
    Please feel free to share your experiences here.
    #1- Did it improve with surgery?
    #2- Did it stay fixed, or go back to the same or worse years later?
    #3- Did scar tissue make it worse years later?
    I know the stats on neck surgery and have been reluctant to do it, but now I will do whatever it takes. I have too much nerve damage to put it off any longer.
    Also, I would appreciate any hugs, good energy, etc anyone wants to send my way.
    DD- Hurting big time in Southern CA and all ears!

    Hon, I can relate with your siuation. I was in a bike wreck 4 years ago come Nov.5th. Broke my whole right ribcage, lost part of my clavical(collarbone), had to have as steel rod in it a year, fractured my skull, was said (to my family) not going to live, in a coma for 6 days, hospital for 2 months, no memory for about 3 months, but came thru it. main thing you do is have faith in God and believe in yourself as being a strong person at heart, soul and mind. You WILL overcome it Sweetheat. Do NOT loose hope in yourself or in God or in your true friends. Faith will conquer any and all diversity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if it matters or helps in any way,KNOW THIS, I am here with you in all ways...............

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    Thanks sweetie!

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    cisco111 write:
    I had a pain in the neck once....Then I divorced her......

    Hehe, odds are that she wasn't pain free either! No offense, but that's usually a mutual thing..
    I'm sure that Colleen would like to be able to divorce her literal pain in the neck, but that's not as easy to do as it is with a relationship!
    As I understand it, it's not actually her neck that is feeling the pain, but a whole side below the neck. That points to a pinched nerve, and is downright dangerous.

    For me, it was the other end of the spine that gave me trouble; I herniated the lowermost disk and had incredible deep pain in the whole left leg. I didn't even know that the back was the cause of the problem. By the time I had some surgery to fix it, some nerve damage had happened. My left little toe is still half numb all the time, and sometimes the whole foot goes numb. (Partial explanation for that clumsy dancing I showed you??)
    I had been to a Chiropractor the day this happened to try to get some relief for lower back pain. I can't say that the Chiropractor popping my back caused my disk to herniate, but he sure didn't prevent it!
    Take care of yourself, you sweetie!
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    I had a pain in the neck once....Then I divorced her......
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