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    thunderunderme write:
    WOW...except for Greywolf (only b/c I don't know you brother) these last posts have been from men who I respect and admire greatly....You are good men and I have been blessed to know you. Knowing you has enriched my own growth.
    Continuing on my spoke to the center...
    Cweet Char

    Cweet Char I hope you are keeping those wheels maintained..so they don't fall off. Well spoken..
    Glad to see you have your Thunder...tell Chewy I said woof woof woof wooo.
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    As great as one has the potentiality or capability to heal, nurture and grow themselves and others they also contain the same power to sicken, deplete and destroy. The battle of heaven and hell is beneath that thin organ known as skin in the temple of each human soul.
    Now "The Force" is surrounds us, it binds us and it penetrates us....this was the view in 1977 before the psyche drug revolution of the 1980 began the crystallization of the cultural psyche to genetics and chemical imbalances that lead to the medichlorines..or however you spell those creatures in the blood.

    Now if a young man or woman was to see that the Force was only being used for corruption and security enslaving millions would they be wise to just disregard it as not something worth discovering? All religions point at their core to an individual experience or relation with the divine..God, Great Mystery...however you see it...they call us to learn the ways of the force. Religion ideally links us to our past and the power that lies in that past.
    Those things that can make us most powerful within our own lives are often hidden before us with obstacles of perception and attitude. To learn the ways of the force you have to have some attraction to overcome the humiliation of all the Han Solos who do well enough with a blaster. The light saber is a weapon of grace and skill it is a civilized weapon. I have trained with both a blaster type weapon and a light saber style weapon and can tell you there is a tremendous different in the conflict approach and humanity. I think the Japenese sword maker Masamune and his apprentice relates another good story....

    Anyhow nothing wrong with getting deep or reflective..I consider it just cleaning off the dust to see the surface...

    Let go Luke and trust your feelings....Everyone needs to be led into that desert whether chasing a droid or some other distraction to spend their 40 days and find their old man Ben...

    May the Fo...
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    WOW...except for Greywolf (only b/c I don't know you brother) these last posts have been from men who I respect and admire greatly....You are good men and I have been blessed to know you. Knowing you has enriched my own growth.
    Continuing on my spoke to the center...
    Cweet Char
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    I think in most cases religion is a manmade set of laws giving ultimate consequences for doing the wrong thing. I believe that there is some kind of higher power that creates everything but I don't believe any organized religion is any more or less correct then another. Clear as mud right, in other words whatever works for each individual is all that matters as long as it helps you at least always try to do the right thing. I always used to tell my middle child, Josh, that when he was doing something wrong he knew dam well at the time that it was wrong, he just got a case of the fuggits!! I believe good and evil is in all of us. I know that both are in me. When I was younger I gave into the dark side on more then a few occasions. I've learned to keep my demon in his cage where he needs to be. I have had a couple of key people in my life that are largely responsible for my spirituality and I know I am very fortunate to have had them in my life. I firmly believe that everything that we do in life will come back to us, good or bad. I try to help people that are my friends whenever I can, sometimes I've been occused of taking that too far but I don't think you can take it too far. If you have a friend that needs something, be it a meal, a few bucks or just someone to dump their guts to then it is incumbent on you to do what you can to help them in my opinion. Like someone said in here "Pay it forward" If everyone actually did that everyday the world would drastically change overnight!! Ain't that a bitch?? OK I'm babbling I've had a really chitty day and I'm gettin all reflective and chit, I need a lobotomy!! But I think I'll sleep for a few hours instead.

    In case everyone isn't completely convinced that I'm nuts, lemme help ya there. The closest thing I've heard of to a believable religion of sorts is Star Wars "The Force" I think it all is that simple, but WTF do I know?? Nuttin honey!!!

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    I think it is just the maturation of consciousness.
    A baby Joey must struggle for its very life to climb to the opening in the mothers pouch. If it does not make it, it dies. If it does make it a whole world and life open to it. The struggle to find a relation to the divine is waged against inertia and the singing sirens upon the shore who would urge you not to take the journey for it is dangerous and much stands to be lost.
    The Hindus if memory serves me have a natural progression where one finds ones place in society makes his or her contributions children, career...etc and then at a certain age leaves it to contemplate the bigger picture. Unlike our culture it isn't about sustaining the physical indefinitely but preparing oneself for the end which is the release or surrender of the physical.
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    'Pay it Forward'
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    Or said another way...

    there are many spokes on the divine wheel each leading to a common center. However, if you don't pick one and follow it to that center you will spend your mortal existance hoping around the spokes and never experience the center that keeps the whole wheel spinning. All religions point to an individual experience and unity with the Godhead. Hence why the Judeo-Christian path to heaven is described as narrow.
    Saxon, I agree mortality and experience often wake people to a presence of something divine in life and however they choose to recogonize or revere it isn't important but that they do is.
    HDragon, it sounds like that presence is strong in your life. Shoemaker who started the whole Near Orbit asteroid search program responsible for detecting asteroids on a collision with earth died only three years afterward in a car crash in Australia. We are all here and we all have some affect that often life is patient with until we accomplish it and sometimes it lies unaccomplished. The choice however is always within the individual where the battle rages.
    HDragon I hope you accomplish the beauty and change in the world the Great Mystery has you here for. I know just your stories alone have affected everyone you have touched and provided that experience that Saxon talked about. If we could each be a shining example of the beauty in each life and Mystery's presence in each life what a different world it would be.
    Christ died for claiming He and the Father were one and prompted his disciples to Follow Him. I hope what ever spoke you choose in your own life that you find that unity because everything all action and thought is changed from that experience alone.

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    grey_wolf write:
    There are many streams that feed the
    River of Truth.

    how true and no one better than the other!!!!
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    There are many streams that feed the
    River of Truth.
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    jus came across this post. jus my opinion, okay? The lord does not need anyone to kill for him.the enemies he wishes believers to slay are our sins;laziness, greed, hypocricy,covetousness,thievery,pride, etc. .in your questions i see the hunger for truth, the bitterness that Gods love seems a sham. keep right on questioning, doubting, seeking, You can never understand the Lord until you put him in the center of your universe, instead of yourself.This means giving up your free will. so hard for all of us! but also very comfortingto know someone smarter than us is in control. have patience!
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    When you all wake up and realize it is not about religion, it's about Jesus Christ. If you don't want to believe in Christ that is between you and God, as God gave you the free will to do so. At your own expense I might add. And yes Every knee will bow to Jesus Christ in the end.
    Romans 1;20
    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    The only way for someone to force or cram the bible or Christ down your throat is to be held captive other then that leave if you don't want to listen to what some one has to say! Judeo-christian belifes are not forced down anyones throat, infact this country was founded on Judeo-christian beliefs, and you can't change that as hard as you my try
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    ... and a lot of tolerance is good for everybody.
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    Dayum, I ask one question and this turns into the debate of all time.

    I'm goin gto say this one thing, than I'm done with this.

    If YOU believe in a one all powerful diety, fine, whatever works for you. Others do not, and last I checked, we still had freedom of religion here in the USA, which I think includes freedom from having other people's beliefs crammed down your throat.

    If a person chooses to believe the Judeo-Chritian dogma istead of the old ways, and that makes that person feel complete, I'm all for it. But, if someone else chooses another path to spiritual fulfillment, they should have the right to believe and worship as they choose without being harrassed.
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    bla bla bla yack yack yack yada yada yada...arguing points that can not be proven but in the minds of the believer...here we go petty and selfish again...."can't we all just get along"
    Rodney King
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    rogue...you make it home? been wondering where you've been?
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    HDragon..glad you're here my man...
    I like you 'survived' for a purpose.
    Like you also, hope I fulfill it.
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    Right on Possom.
    Oh Rogue, bby the way, Thanks for a little history on your time of growing up.
    Helps alot!! I'll just leave ya be in recovery.

    May ya always ride free....
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    "It really revs me up when some idiot bad mouths harleys just because they don't understand but only about 1/100th as much as it does for someone to attack the bible. Back off rogue til you know what you are talking about. Reading the part in your service manual about changing your oil does not make you an engine builder just as taking small parts from the bible does not mean you understand it "

    Hey, HarleyDragon, who asked ya?

    And just FYI, I attended Catholic schools for most of my life, have an adopted father who's Jewish, a stepdad who's Baptist,and my mom's Lutheran, so think I know what I'm talking about.

    And...nevermind. You're not worth it.
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    You're right Roxie. A Christian should not judge or condemn. But unfortunately it's not a sin to judge.

    I see a lot of judging not by just one on this thread. A little tolerance is good for the soul.
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    psironman422 I can see your making friends over here on this tread too! Rogue take it easy on him. He is just running off at the mouth with information that someone has poured into his head. What a shame. Remember psironman422, god is in everything and listens to you?re arrogates every time you open your mouth. If you?re shooting for a place in heaven you better reevaluate your thoughts.
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