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    Lol@ dear sweet Nodey. I sure do have you fooled!
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    Dear sweet Nodey,

    I will try to refrain from mentioning anything to you about my bones.


    ...A-hem...Yes, well, anyway, what was the topic?
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    I've been riding since long before Harley became a clothing store, and I plan to continue to ride when and where I want..doe's that count???
    Kickin over my oil pukin pan at 23 or hittin the starter on the fxr at 53 just seems like a part of me, kinn'a like eatin or breathin
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    Oh My Eye...me being an X-ray technologist,you're turning me on with bone anatomy!
    Keep it up...and you'll send me over the edge!
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    Eye..you show more heart here than 2 of the usual folks added together! Never sell yourself short, my friend! :)
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    After spending most of my adult life in service to my community in one way or another, and having done something with my life to better the lives of others, and having given something to society and not just taken from it,(and having the very real scars to prove it) I don't have to justify who I am or what kind of heart I have to anyone. Am I a true biker? I could give a crap about anyone's opinions on that.

    This guy dares the readers here to prove they are? Dude, what are you expecting? A whole bunch of replies trying to prove that one is in fact a true biker? That would be posturing and posing, wouldn't it? You are a funny guy!

    But seriously, as for my heart, umm....I don't think I have one anymore. Just this little blackened cherry pit thing lodged somewhere above the xyphoid process and behind the sternum.
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    when i 1st read your post--my response would have been different
    my very 1st rememberence of bikes were when i was in the 5th or 6th grade--grew up in jersey city and it was of a biker flying over the car that was stopped in front of him into the rear end of a bus head 1st--DOA

    at 19 when a good family friend opened a bike showroom i was always on the back and have been whenever i could since

    go for my riding class 4/15-17 so i don't have to depend on anyone else if i want to go--i can

    remember this is also a dating/meeting site and some of us have not been single since the 60's, 70's or 80's and single life has changed

    all said is for the knowledge and fun and to pass cabin fever being BLACK ICE isn't a fun thing to go down on

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    After 817 miles this weekend in the Texas Hill Country, I know my tail and neck feel like I am a biker.

    I can kind of relate to what is being said. I am at a place in life where I could afford an American Made Motorcycle, but I still live in a mobile home. haha!

    And I know as I am getting myself involved in lots of events and different riding groups it is easy to see the guys that won't pull their bike out if it is raining - which is ok too.

    As long as we are riding and everyone is buying their own beer then I can pretty much hang with anybody on a nice afternoon.

    Last week, I was at the car wash knocking some mud off my bike and I slipped and did a "slow-motion" drop gently down to the ground. There was a guy in a car behind me who just sit there and watched me struggling to get my footing and get the bike back up.

    I don't think he was a biker who just happened to be in his ?cage,? because I know had I been in my truck and watched someone like me I would have jumped out and ran to help him get his bike back up.

    I like to think that mindset, in some small way, makes me a biker.

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    thx Oldbull. i agree with you an it saved me alot of typing
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    Yeah! What Nodey said! lol

    Sierra, I have to tell you, this morning I pounded out a very hasty reply and, at the last minute, deleted it! I'm not sure I agree with everything that you've said here, I probably agree with very little of it to be honest. But after reading your profile, I understand a bit more of what you were trying to say...the depth from which it came. Thanks for voicing your opinion..Ride Safely all! Angel :)
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    Ok..here's my opinion. Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing what a biker is. It's been turned inside-out,upside-down,and then some.
    Cuss me,insult me, preach to me. That's my opinion!
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    SierraThunder, #1 I have no need to justify to you or anyone else How I live my life or what I ride or when I ride. 2# I live in the snowy north east an still ride when others have put their bikes up for the winter.I have built bikes from the frame up from swap meet parts. I am far from being a newbie when it comes to riding an wrenching. 3# Who is to say who realy has the biker heart? Does age , the bike you ride , the people you ride with dictate this? I think not. Biker is in the heart an soul of the person. Don't be so quick to judge someone. Things have changed alot since "the good old days" . Lighten up an enjoy life , I have found life is much sweeter if you just do your own thing an let others do the same. Ride free an ride proud OldBull
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