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    cuteandrestless write:
    Did in fact grow up in the country and in the city and inbetween. Calling bikers being killed by the law or low priority investigations is bs. According to any code of ethics. Make it personal if you want. The only difference between your version of the old bad bikers and the old cops in your area is.. a badge and leathers.

    Excuse me Lady, I'm not approving or encouraging any means of violence toward anyone or a specific group. I have no prejudices or personnal enemy's in the world. Some of them Ole Clowns I use to trade punch's with in my younger day are still here, should we meet at an event we have a beer and joke about it. I was simply stating facts from my personnal experiences growing up in the world of motorcycles so some can better understand some history and if anyone takes offense to something I wrote here go back from the beginning and start over cause your'e just scanning for something to bich about. Today I consider myself a Biker although I know that some would beg to differ with me cause of what I ride or wear. There's even a chance that some of my earlier activities to promote motorcycle enthusiasm as a fun hobby and way of life actually did some good for us.
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    harleydragon write:
    I like that last sentence Jerry and with the internet we have a large neighborhood don't we..

    Pretty well sum's it up I think.
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    Did you grow up in a convent shielded from society? Back then sometimes people just needed a killin for assorted reasons and were dealt with. It's not as easy today as it was back then but still happens. Someone goe's into the wrong place a little west of me and says the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time and he's likely to be some alligators meal for the next couple days or fed to the hogs. Sorry lady, this is life in the country.
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    Part Two.
    You might remember clubs like ours when you were kids, races, hot dogs, tater chips, cokes, family events. When is the last time you were in a line of 50 motorcycles seeing who could go the slowest without putting a foot down? Did you ever try to bite a hot dog covered with mustard, kechup, mayonnaise and relish tied to a string hanging from a branch while riding your bike without putting a foot down? How about lime runs, fill brown paper bags with white lime and bust one on the road every mile and at each intersection you got three choices to travel, go a mile, no lime bag, turn around haul ass back and try again? These are my favorite memories from back then, mom's, dad's, and kid's all on bikes. Some were 74's some were Sportsters, they had windshields and saddlebags mostly. I was very active planning and executing events, got a plaque to show for it. Your "Bikers Code" is very nice and can be applied to any group of civilized people today, you can shorten it though to one sentence. Do to your neighbor as you would like them do to you.
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    The Good Ole days, 1966 I got my license at 14 and legally drove my motorcycle everywhere including riding up Rt. 1 for BikeWeek. I just scanned and posted an Activity Award Plaque on my profile I recieved in 69, I was a junior in high school and elected sec./treas. of our club that had 50 or 60 members. We carved a "Scramble's Track" (when is the last time you heard that word? lol) out of the woods, had two races a month, sponsored lime runs and poker runs the weeks we didn't race and had bbq's after each event. We wore our color's too, light blue nylon windbreakers with "Sailfish City M.C." on the backs. None of us old or young had Black Leather, that was like putting a target on your back saying "Just Shoot Me, I'm Bad". I'll give one local example of many. 1972 a mile from my house a deputy's little brother, my age, was stabbed by a local "Biker", drug deal gone bad, and later died that night, two weeks later as that fella was standing next to his bike putting gas in it he was hit in the side of the head with a 30.06 hollow point, Sheriff's office called it a "Hunting Accident, Stray Bullet", month later that deputy resigned and moved away. The Deputy and his brother was in our club before and after he went to Viet Nam. It was different then folks, even Liberals had guns. If you Killed a Biker around here it was a low priority investigation and if it got hot you lost your job sometimes. I didn't sugar coat this reply like the last one, sorry. I felt it was an important message to relay so some youngin's can better understand what "Bikers" used to be and why maybe sometime when you walk into a little hick town restaurant in leather you might not feel so welcome if that should happen. Them Ole Boys are a minority now, I see them at BikeWeek at them little sidestreet bars, not on Mainstreet at the IronHorse, they don't care to sociallize with any modern day "Bikers"
    You might remember clubs ...
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    yes the late 60's and 70's were drug filled--but society as a whole was drug filled--you didn't have to be a biker to get high!!!!!!!!!!!!! or to sell drugs or get into fights--society today is more violent

    yes society has changed for the better--and in some ways for the worse
    we were far right and swung far left--and have now found a balance of sorts--do all agree NO but we have the ability to speak our minds

    women don't have to be donna reed anymore--they now have the option to make choices that affect them

    women don't have to tolerate an abusing husband

    men don't have to go thru life thinking themselves as a failure because their wife works

    we don't accept all that the government says as truth and question them when things appear unjust--or just not right

    our children have choices that some of us never had--and as adults most of us realize that we had to teach them to make their own choices and not to depend on someone else to make them for them

    i think the biggest disservice to bikers was hollywood--the old biker movies put a large negative in the average americans mind

    the so called yuppie biker has brought an awareness to those that share the road with bikers--because most people KNOW someone today that rides if they don't themselves and are more careful driving

    the things you said devalues a lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Blu, I always love and respect your posts.
    N5ifi... honey puss? What the hell? You have no respect and obviously no idea what your talking about. As for the 60's comment about they all got high... tell that to our brothers and sisters who served and the people that lost loved ones. Usally if you breathe, you have a brain, try using it as more then a place to store your idiotic propaganda.
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    To Blu and the people on BK I'm sorry you had read that, but I had no other way of contacting that @ss hole
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    Bikeman and Dragon,very well said.As for you N%IFI You up set A very close freind of mine for no good reason that I could see.Blu is one of the nicest person you could ever know and she is not. I repeat NOT a person to F U C K with. I'm telling you now; If our paths ever cross and if theres anything left of you when shes done with you. I will finish it.
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    iffy......Why can't we just except people for who and what they are?

    Ok..this totally contradicts what he said in his first post. This guy is so wishy-washy. He can't make up his mind what he's really trying to tell us.
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    Well put, Thanx for the backup
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    I'm not gonna sit here and try to sell HA's or any other patch wearer's as boyscouts now or then. Admittedly they are much more community orientated now but to be truthful the main thing that p i s s e d me off was being disrespectful to Dakotablu personally! You don't know the lady , I do and she is a lady and does not deserve to be talked to like that for any reason. We all goof on here quite a bit, sometimes offending HD and other people, but for you to come online and be personally disrespectful to a lady that you don't know is not makin it on any level!!

    How does you being rude and offensive to her fit into your "unspoken code
    of ethics and behavior"??

    You purposely insult a woman to see how she is going to react??

    "I knew you would say what you did Dakota. In fact I said what I did to see you do it. You fell for it hook, line and sinker.) "

    Yea you had some valid points about patch wearers back then but how does that justify the quote above??

    Steppin on other peoples toes for amusement is bullshit and unacceptable.

    If you are any kind of man at all you would feel a need to apologize to her, you have a right in the USA to have any opinion you want, you don't have a right to be a rude jackass for no reason
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    Its my opinion (and we all know about opinions) someone who pulls a stunt like that just may fall into the crap catagory in my book
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    and Jeffery Dahmer was such a nice neighbor too..crap is out there it comes in many shape and forms but it is still crap!!!!!so dont just look at the bikers its in every socioety, bikers to bird wachers some are just not as visable as others.
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    Some of what n5ifi is true his presentation was a bit harsh and Miss Dakotas Code is a wonderful thing to follow but we have an obvious generation gap here, maybe I can help clear it up a bit, maybe not. Some of yall don't classify me a biker because what I ride but from what I can tell so far I been riding longer that all but 2 or 3 here. In 1965 I was in a motorcycle club that built a race track and sponsored rides and rally's. When someone said here comes a bunch of "bikers" that meant colors and I don't mean Vietnam Vet colors either, Outlaws, Angels, Crosses from West Palm, Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa to our event for the day. They were jerks, would whip it out in front of ladies and kids to relieve themselves in the open and generally live up to their reputation. On occasion all of us would have to kick them out. They were constantly in the news for busting school partys, gangraping teenage girls, shooting, stabbing, and on occasion killing someone at a party for no reason other than being a "Biker". They did everything possible to make the reputation of "Bikers" as nasty as they could and turn the majority of the public against them. They were absolute terrorists by todays definition. American V-Twin manufacturers did what they did to turn things around and clean it up as we have grown to know today. It's probable most of yall never had to live through that due to your age and location cause most towns were isolated from it. I tried to not jerk any chains or hurt any feelings but, Im a witness and you can consider this my testimony.
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    Lol..I think I know where to come to when i need someone watching my back. You all are ruthless when it comes to a good cause.

    I doubt if iffy will be back in this thread anytime soon!
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    Bikeman, I thinks iffi's problem is he would like to run off with a biker!
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    n5ifi, a quote from your profile:
    "I tend to like more petite women. I don't know why exactly but I think it's for the fuel milage".
    F U C K !
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    Ya ifi, that's for iffi because he is iffy, man , woman who knows?? Hey everyone I was just talkin to Harleyrose and she figured out this guys problem!~! His old lady probably ran off with a biker!!!!

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