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    I would go back to my ex. I still have some shiznit in that house I want back.
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    Sorry to hear that, but you do deserve better,best of luck to you and were always here for ya! Hang tough..
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    You guys are awesome, each reply brought a smile to my face....thanks sooooo much
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    Roxie, Sweetie...I, like everyone else here, know what you're going through! I just went through it not long ago..it does heal and you do move forward! This man does not deserve you! You're far too good for him! This IS his loss, not yours! I promise you, the right one for you is coming to you! When he does, you'll know the minute you read/hear his name!

    Chin up lil Sister! Positive thoughts...You deserve so much more than he could ever give you!
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    My heart goes out to you! You seem like such a sweet and sincere gal it is hard to hear. I pray your dreams will comfort you as well as all your family here on BK. (of course we are your neighbors too)

    Just know while the lust may be strong enough to pull them together there is a reason it went south and he may come your way again. Make sure you stand your ground and keep your dignity. You deserve someone that can really see the treasure you are and not sacrifice it on a whim.

    Be strong till you get the healing done.

    Peace be with you!
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    Roxie0215 write:
    I hope you all will bear with me as I type, because my heart is broken. If you read the forums and post regulary then you probally know I met someone from BK about 5 months ago. We fell hard and we fell fast. Yes, it was a long distance relationship, so some might say it was doomed from the start.
    He flew me to see him in July and we had a great time, we made plans for him to come and visit me next. Well, he was supposed to have arrived last night, instead I got that dreaded ph8ne call, the one that you can tell by the sound of his voice that it isn't gonna be pretty. Bottom line is, his exwife had started calling, seems the kids (her kids) are out of the house and now she's lonely and wants him back. He says he is still in love with her and chose her instead of pursuing me. OUCH!!! Needless to say, I cried but maintained my dignity, told him goodbye and cried myself to sleep. Today was pretty rough, but I'll be fine.
    I really thought I had found someone special (well, he found me)Just goes to show, you never can tell.
    Thanks everyone for listening, just had to get this off my chest and wanted some feedback.

    Roxie I am so sorry I know you were really excited about him.....if you need anything let me know. And HELL NO I wouldn't go back to my ex....there are reason's he is my ex
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    awwwww Roxie... wish we could make it all better for ya...
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