Trying to Make a Friend is Hard Friendship

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    lorinicole write:
    I am new to this. I found myself alone after my 7 year relationship ended when my boyfriend bought a Harley. It did not take long for him to want to have his freedom. The sad part is I never had any idea. We were to be married this June, the dress bought, the Chapel paid for,and now alone. What do you think. Midlife crisis? I know a couple of people that have seen him around town with a couple different girls, he is in his 40's and these girls are in their 20's. I have a daughter at home, and this guy has been her father figure for the last 7 years and this has affected her terribly. She is 19, but still has a need to have answers. When she calls him, he ignores her calls, does not call back, or if she does reach him, he has nothing to say.
    Looking to talk to someone.

    Well hon been there done that and I have the t-shirt to prove it.. I am sorry that you have to live your life like that.. But always remember that the answers you or your daughter may get may not be the ones you want to hear.. In my eyes he will see what he had or lost and maybe by the time he realizes it, it will be to late. I know because I was there when my now ex-husband bought his first bike.. Got into a really bad accident was in a coma for 8 days and where was I at his bed side almost all the time and worked a full time job and took care of my kids and that is what I got.Then he bought his 2nd bike so all he wanted was to show off for all the ladies and wanted to leave me home alone . But I soon found out that leaving him was the best thing I ever did.. My kids are happier and my life is happier.. Please remember this.. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS.. HE might have his fun now but when it comes down to it he is the one losing out.. I truly hope you find happiness in your soul and hope your daughter does also..
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  • View author's info posted on May 23, 2005 03:20, thats a rough one, and i am sure at this moment you are mentioned that some people told you they see him around with young girls on his bike with it him or the bike?...they didnt seem to be around hime when he didn't have one, might make one wonder what type girls they are, and he will find out soon for a midlife crisis, who knows there, but from the sounds of what happened, it sounds like it might be a blessing in disguise (sp)....hearts have a funny way of beating, even when broken, and the sun always comes up the next time goes by, you just might be looking at him from a different light and point of view, and see things you never saw before, and in the end be glad of this event happening...oh sure, i can call him a scum bag, asshole, ect...., but we already know that, and trust me, in time he will realize what he lost with you and your daughter, and by that time it will be to late for him....what goes around comes around...hang tough, take it a minute at a time, and before you know it, yo will be seeing yourself smiling again....if you ever want to talk, anytime.........
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    Honey who needs 'em. There are plenty more where that came from and I am sure that by the sounds of it you are better off. So hold your head up and look ahead not back!!!
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    You meet the nicest people on a Honda-(just joking Speed) I don't want to get you going again. LOL
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    n5ifi write:
    Trying to make a friend hard??????
    That's easy.......uhhhhhh

    for you

    Dude you can do it too, ya just need a personality transplant!!!

    I'm sorry I tried to stop myself but my dam brakes aren't workin, so one turn deserves another, go ahead bro hit me with your best shot!!!!! WTF right??
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    harleydragon write:
    I got a lot of brothers who are 1%ers. Every one of them loves their family very much but bottom line is if it ever comes down to it the club comes first. I believe that is the difference KAT was talking about

    Wow H.D.Man! Nice Pic. You are quite the handsome dashing Prince dressed up, didn't recognize ya. If I was one of these lonely BikerGals your ass would be mine. (no. that's not my feminine side surfacing, just messin with ya,lol). If you only had a Honda.
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    harleydragon im gonna be in hinesville,georgia in a cpl of weeks,is that near you?
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    People on bikerkiss are great. Emailed a few and even talked on the telephone. Once you weed out the users. There are alot of good people here with good hearts....and besides you could never have too many friends...hopefully they could last.
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    Thanks hd - You hit the nail on the head for me. I have had puter probs so I haven't been on.

    tq - The original reply was in response to someone who posted about a new guy in her life and she wasn't a rider, but those posts are now gone. I don't have a problem with clubbers at all.
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    n5ifi ... I just bought a house 6 months ago, and need to borrow your lawn mower.
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    oh man thanks for the idea i hope ya dont mind me stealin it ruined my steering on my murray got a spare front end and will do as you did in that pic. man i love you (not that way man!!)
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    tqvnvmc write:
    seeme1st---LOL don't ask me. Read katmandhu's post, she's the one talking about clubbers and "normal" bikers. LOL

    Speedy---Am I badmouthing independents??? No!

    I was just making a funny, or trying to as usual. can't take an Ole Fool like me serious. lol.

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    Oh I get it, like Fred Flintstone. YUP! I can see the attraction for some gals
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    tq-----what is normal??????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Boy I agree with that last line. I spent nearly 25 days in Ireland touring in a rental car solo and it would have been so much better on the bike being less sealed off from everything. Granted the rain on the west coast would have been harsh but then I would have stayed put longer and got to know more people.
    Thank your for the 29dreams link. I checked it out and it looks like fun along with good inspiration.
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    Amen l2ride2005!!
    I also think if they don't ride we will be spending too much time apart and that would be a friendship at best.

    Romantically you should share mutual passions.
    I am hoping when I find her she will have her own bike if not two.
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    I have had one 'episode' (don't want to call it a relationship) w/a non-biker, won't ever happen again. CC
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    upstate....i agree with thunder....four does count....just be carful...we don't want to put a damper on this for you, were just concerned........if it feels right to you and for you, then it is right.......
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    well YES..all four of them do count. You are not over analyzing, you are being cautious. Continue to stay aware and heed the red flags.

    I wish you the best hon...CC
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    Just out of curiosity, how did you meet this guy?

    I always wonder to if it seems to good to be true... then when is the other shoe going to drop? What I've found is; he's broke, needs a place to live, is possesive, can't trust, is dominant, wants to run my life, always compares, do I measure up?, says one thing but does another....

    I'd just like to find someone mutually attracted to that will walk beside me & not try to change me. If you find yourself wanting to change a person, then that person is not for you.

    He sounds like a winner so far Cutie!
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