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    i agree with everything here.
    happened to me. started dating the man who sprays my house...known him for over 3yrs. he was available and so was I. believe didnt get anywhere...we had a wonderful weekend...talked a few times during the week...and then...buzzzz no response...(what when wrong?) we where hitting it off. I never judged that this would be "the one" but, why just end response..whatever...the last few men i have dated (very poor) and I know it isnt me...maybe I am too strong-willed, confident. I have my own and ride my own...
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    lady's were losin the duece ...he has an opinion and being cencored big time here... lets have a say and save the deuce...he can be crude at times but think about it let us make are own choses ....not ready for big brother
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    kd---i think you are right about that
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    It is a Fifty Fifty shot on any guy there defense I am sure they say the same thing about us
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    Kat, I fully agree with ya on that. I talked to a guy 3 times online & he proposed to me??? I DONT GET IT!!! Dont the guys know "friends make better lovers???" Reminds me of my newest line "Only a F**K, never a G/F...

    Vulcan, I have tried to be creative & never heard back, I'm sure it made me look a bit on the stupid side. I have even tried to respond to some through the (View comments from others/Invite friends to post testimonials on me)< with no responce. I will say it is hard to make contact if neither are members & neither can email. One reason I am not impressed with this site.

    I'm seeking friends & NO NOT F**K friends. I've never been married & have no plans ever gettin married but, I would like to be able to meet new friends but with the rules in here & I cant afford to join, makes it very hard........
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    BK does not allow you to post user names or email addresses (unless you are creative that is.) They probably did not know it wasn't the full user name or thought it was enough so others would recognize them. BK Big Brother was watching over you!!!!!
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    Guess I should explain "work for it"... Just because a guy asks me to dance & buys me a drink, doesn't give him the right to expect anymore. A fone number maybe. Get to know me, let's do something together, dinner, go riding, rent a movie & I'll cook... then maybe if it clicks. I had a guy after one dance the other night tell me he thought we were soulmates. Made me run quickly! By working for it, I meant taking things a bit slow. I'm not against animal lust, but if it happens too soon, it isn't as special and most guys probably wonder if the girl does that with everyone. Then you never hear from them again. Does that make any sense?
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    "why are you getting so defensive???? "

    Just to see what your next reply will be silly, lol. It was my turn to type, now it's yours again.
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    speed--re-read the 1st post

    i thanked the men that have graduated--i'm not attacking men and i'm not accusing anyone of any behavior
    and i also said we need to clean up our trash before moving on

    does everyone no--that is why they are in the same type of relationship--still trying to fix the past problems with a new person

    this forum is about men not women--"what is with men"--and yes there are plenty of women today that have the same negative qualities that we both spoke of--notches on the belt

    i'm not trying to judge anyone--yet if it makes a person look at their behavior(not yours!!!!!) that is a good thing

    why are you getting so defensive????
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    i'm talking about the notches on the belt--and the lies that SOME will tell to get those notches--thinking that is what makes them MEN

    Yes Dear, and I have had women tell me they were not married so they can add another notch to their belt too. Unfortunately some women get stung a time ot two and think all men are that way, not true. I think it's pretty even.
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    Walls,hoops,you shouldn't have to run a gauntlet or an obstacle course,or work for "it".If I have to navigate a rubiks cube,or translate the federal tax rules regulations into a simple to understand pamplet,I would probably pass .If your last relationship had issues ,don't assume the next one will.Judge each person based on their values,actions,not everyone is a jerk.If you keep picking the wrong type of person ,then maybe you need to look in a mirror.But hoops ?,work for it? deserve it?I'll pass.If you don't trust me then okay ,good luck.C-YA!
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    speed--i'm not talking about faithful or unfaithful

    i'm talking about the notches on the belt--and the lies that SOME will tell to get those notches--thinking that is what makes them MEN

    to me what shows me a guys masculinity is how he treats me in public and in private--not how many conquests he has had!!!!!!
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    "some are still thinking with the male 2nd brain--"

    Excuse me, Let's Not Forget Women got a 2nd brain too and there's just as many unfaithful wive's as there are husbands.
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    There's a difference between being smart and cautious, and walls. If a guy is sincere he will take the time to get to know you and vise-versa and in time you gain a feeling of trust and friendship. If the guy doesn't have the time to invest to see where it will lead, he had no intention of a committed relationship in the first place. You can not take your baggage along with you in a relationship. You have to have an open heart in order to receive love. It takes awhile to get over the hurts of the past, but when the right one comes along you will hopefully recognize it and toss caution to the wind.

    Ride safe and ride free!
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    my 2 cents

    if we don't put the past hurts out at the curb in the trash can, we bring that trash into anything that follows

    if we don't heal the past the next hurt is that much larger and it all snowballs each time until we mend and craddle our souls

    like the old saying making a mountain out of a molehill

    we all have baggage we need to get rid of as much of it as possible--we will never get rid of it all--but we can miniumize it

    and when i was younger--most of the guys i knew only wanted to get into as many female pants they could--i've actually met the boys from yesterday--some are still thinking with the male 2nd brain--and some have realized that brain shouldn't be in control--and thnx to all of you male persons that have graduated

    love to you all--be safe
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    My 2 cents - Kat

    Wow, she ain't kiddin, (as Poor Ole Speedy sit's here jumping out of his skin contemplating buying her a new Sportster for her birthday and coming up for a week to fix up the ole house.)
    "Make them Work For It", lol.
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    We are not that far apart in age. Back in the day, we were coming out of the "free love" era. Guys could walk over and under girls that partied & maybe got high. We were an easy mark to get laid. Unfortunately, I took it another way & thought it meant they wanted to be with me. DOH! Have I learned a lot in these eras!

    Guys still want the same thing, but I've learned you gotta make them work for the goodies & trust me, it's worth it, for my old age. Lots want it, but few get it.

    Been hurt all my life, and still think he's out there & hoping that I can maybe grow old with someone that can steal my heart & make me smile.

    My 2 cents - Kat
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    yak-we're all so guarded now-----i know what i am trying to say but can't find the words for it---.......yes we do want a nice man.....when we were younger, we probbley did go after the ones that would pose a "challange" (sp), but we are older now, and know nice from not so nice....i just fear that we always prejudge now, expecting the worse at times, that nice men/women never give each other a was all apart of growing up i guess, lets just hope now that we will and do give the nice ones a chance
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    Lol Diamondgirl...can't always judge a book by his cover. Maybe he made a mad face too many times and it just stuck that way.

    I have no idea why i had to post that...I think I have too much time on my hands today
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    Not all guys are flakes ,but the ladies don't want a nice guy,they like the bad boys.If this guy was a nice guy it would probably be -see ya on down the road jack-there would most likely be no discussion about him.But since there wasn't even an addios seniorita,it's a topic.I can't understand why it seems like the ladies[some/most of em] walk all over the nice guy,will do anything for the guy that treats em like crap.I know I am careful about being myself when meeting someone new.It's like there are "rules of engagement" re dating ,don't call to soon ,often,show to much interest,etc.It was easier when I was a kid ,at least where I grew up,be honest ,treat others as you want to be treated. Just my 2 cents.
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