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    Sweet talking Alkotar, we thank you from GA and so glad we gave you a good impression...someone must have liked you alot while you were here!
    GG 445 don't believe Alkotar was downing the other fine women just well impressed with the southern ladies. I know when I go home (Ohio) the men love the southern accent.Have you picked up one?
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    Georgia women rock at least my group of chickies do...we are all different in our own ways but got the peachy sweetness and southern toughness to us. I've been in GA 26 years, raised by a southern belle grandmother in Xenia,Ohio. Oh yea don't let "wrappers" fool you. The chickie that has the b*tch look to her is the easy going one, the business chickie takes NO sheeot from anyone, the prissy chickie can drill you to the last detail, the funny one will think on you and come back to haunt you....but if we like you... you get the peachy sweet treatment! And we dooooooooo like to be treated like a lady ( in public). Being upfront is a key also, we understand if you just aren't feeling it for us, friendship is good for us too. Crazy girls but no psycho's in this group.
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    Hey Georgia, I'm starting to think its my profile where I mentioned my heavy NY accent. LMAO
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    Georgia Ladies- The weather is great!!! No more excuses, get out there and ride.
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    I think to enjoy the true pleasures of a "Southern Belle" one must be a gentleman first. Being a California transplant to the South, I found dating much more fun
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