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    Both of those a are a ways away, and on a pretty curvy road that runs right along the Merced river. Also 15 minutes wait each way at the rock slide...if you are wanting the names of hotels, motels, inns, and bug hostiles in my area...email me and I will send them to you....listed them on here a couple of times but they were removed....I will even send phone numbers....
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    Hotels.... FYI

    Karen Comment back and let us know how far it is from ya.

    I've stayed at both of these places. Call for details... I don't know how close it is to Karen's house...

    Yosemite View Lodge
    El Portal, CA 95318

    The Yosemite View Lodge has three pools one indoor and two outdoor and five spa tubs, including four outside on the patio. One of the outside pools and several of the spa tubs have views of the wild Merced River rushing alongside the hotel. The hotel's tour desk can assist with arranging Yosemite National Park The wild and winding Merced River, right iver, right behind the lodge, is renowned for white-water rafting. Yosemite National Park, a mountain wonderland, offers hiking, rock-climbing, fishing, birding, wildlife viewing, bicycling, horseback riding, swimming, rafting, skiing, snowshoeing, and strolls through ancient sequoia Th ves. This three-floor hotel features 278 guestrooms decorated in a mountain-lodge style.

    Cedar Lodge
    9966 Highway 140
    P.O. Box C
    El Portal, CA 95318

    Only 8 miles to the Yosemite entrance, Cedar Lodge offers several rooms types, including a master suite that sleeps 14, family rooms, and honeymoon suites, along with 2 pools, a spa, and private access to the Wild and Scenic Merced River.

    Of course you can stay in Yosemite too. You can rent a tent cabin, stay in either hotel.
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    WOW... it's an EVENT!!!

    Looks like I'll be a late arrival. Count on seeing me somewhere around 10pm or later on Thursday.

    As for all the ladies... make sure ya bring your gear. It gets cold in the hills and you'll want your chaps on.

    See ya all soon,
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    Hi, Just wanted to say -Count me in---Don't know for sure if I am going to take the Scoot, will depend on the weather.
    You can also count me in for bringing with me about 30 Brownies. Do you need a check now or can we pay upon arrival?
    Looking forward to meeting and making some new friends. Do you have the name & Phone #s for some of the motels close by so I can make a reservation. Any of them have a lounge or restaurant?---Hot Tub---
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    Ok...things are looking up.....a little...but come on folks....lets get this done...I have received enough for the port a potties...YES!!!! We also have some money now toward the band....On the gender side...ladies you are way outdoing the men....only one man has paid......but you ladies are coming through...so thank you ladies for that...and come on guys.....

    Send the money to Karen at P. O. Box 257, Midpines, CA 95345

    I am keeping good records here...so you will not get hit twice.....and thank you all for all that you are doing....this party is taking on a life of it's own...and it is you all's party... it is an event now...not just a party....
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    Hey Randy...that is great!!!!! I know we talked earlier...and have worked out the details... I am really excited...things are coming together...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey Randy...that is great!!!!! I know we talked earlier...and have worked out the details... I am really excited...things are coming together...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    May I suggest you post a deadlind date for the $15 fee. That way you'll know if you have enough $ in time to cancel anything if necessary.
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    Lets make it simple:

    For Turkey day:
    *RSVP required
    *$15.00 per person per day for food, music and port a potties
    *Have a deep fryer for turkeys, bring it?
    *Can you bake pies? HELP!
    *Pot luck...bring food, BUT let me know what you are bringing.

    For the Weekend
    *Very limited space in my house...ladies only and first come first get.
    *Plenty of places for your tents...bathrooms are an issue
    *KOA one mile down the road
    *Bug Hostel three miles up the road
    *Hotels in town, want to share room costs...post here for that.
    *Guys...Empty backside? Let us know.
    *Ladies, need a ride? Let us know
    *May have to hook up for rides from here, and not from home.

    *Can I bring my kids?
    ***Yeah, but they are your responsiblity, and this is a large party with a lot of roudy adults, and a lot of drinking, no doubt...so think about what that and what they may be exposed to, and remember, we are rural...there is no real entertainment, like kids are used to. There is a skate park in Mariposa. My 19 year old son may be here and Rose's 18 year old daughter will be here, neither babysit.

    *What can I bring?
    ***Right now you tell me what you want to bring and for how many. I will keep track and later if we are lacking I will let you know what we are low on.
    ***Bring you favorite CD
    ***We have one dart board, if you want to bring another...do so.
    ***We also have a rustic horseshoe pit, but if you have a favorite group activity or game, and want to share, bring it.
    ***Seating is on the ground, on straw bails and on crude log benches. If that will not work, bring your own seat.
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    Hello my name is Randy im in sacto ca ive been invited by brezz akatravlinwoman? any ways i play in a band vary good one i might add lol lol
    but thats not im hear lol im also a dj would love to come and play music for any down time and if the band cantmake it due to funds i can play a big varity and keep people dancing for a long time.no im not expecting any money i would love to do this for the simple reason of just meeting friends and haveing a great time. i can also do other stuff as well as my mom and i have had a catering company for many years. i can cook clean and i even do windows lol and let me know asap if you want to use me as a dj for any of the event. ps its all pro gear im not going to show up w/a boom box and a cd lol lol. And im not sure were the event is going to be havent got that far along to see were . oh also if you do want me ill need power to run system and whats the deal w/any rides we r bringing bikes right? so i would like to bring up gear befor and stor it there. want to ride my bike so i can do any runs that may happen and also ican bring my tent and cooler all at the same time. so pleas if i can help let me and once again (IM NOT WANTING ANY $$$$ FOR THIS IM JUST THAT KINDA GUY.) PS hopfully u like old school lol lol. thats me hey also beeing a drummer if thers any one els that wants to bring gear and just jam that would be preaty awsome too i have some gear for that too.the best music is made by people that dont even know each other we can make our own band. lol lol and i will also pitch in for the band as well if your able to have them so till xoxoxo and hugsssss. Randy

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    oooooh.....how many now?
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    Thanks Dennis, thanks Steve. I will start looking...I appriciate the support. This is going to be a great party...but that is up to all of you....have lots going on that I know you will all enjoy...and, the numbers just keep growing.....
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    I agree!!!

    Time to throw in some dough!!!

    Trouble, keep an eye on the mailbox.

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    Hello, one and all! This is a list of what we have pledged so far:
    6 turkeys
    20 #'s mashed potatoes
    pies [# unknown]
    turkey enchiladas [friday]
    sandwich supplies [enough]
    paper plates
    disposable cups
    charcoal [enough?]
    refried beans [friday]
    tortillas [friday]

    As you can see we have PLENTY of entrees for Thursday, and enough turkey sandwiches for leftovers galore! Also, the menu for Friday will be of a south-of-the-border theme~ so anything along those lines would be very helpful! Breakfasts are impromptu as a function of varying rise times, and will consist of coffee [did you find the big pot yet, Karen?], and either a trip to the local diner or a turkey sandwich. Lunches will also be a "wing-it" affair due to day rides and/or the strength of your hangover.

    What's still needed? More:
    Stuffing/dressing [there's NEVER enough!]
    Dinner rolls & butter [Parkay?]
    Canned veggies- grn beans & corn
    Cranberry Sauce
    Barbeques & charcoal
    Appetizers- munchies & finger foods

    We have about 30 confirmed attendees, but have received much-needed support money from only two people! If you're coming, please don't wait til the last minute- please help! Send your payment to: Karen~ aka "mountaintrouble"

    Thanks, and see you soon!
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    Ok, we have a problem. I HATE dealing with money issues, but have a crisis here.

    I posted a while ago about a band and port a potties. I got a lot of people emailing me saying go for it. They would help with costs... Total cost $1,180.00 for the band for two nights and port a potties for all four days, which I also said in my previous post.

    We figured cost per person, and ask for everyone to send $15 per day that you were staying. We figured that would cover cost of band, port a potties, and any food needed to fill out for two meals a day from what is being brought...not a bad price...even for me. I mean, where can you stay with a bunch of other singles, with enterainment for two nights for that price, and eat two good meals a day on top of that?

    This party started small and has turned into a large event....Which I am really excited about, but cannot afford to fund. It simply outgrew us.

    We have one wonderful lady who has agreed to pay the band up front so that they would book. They required 1/2 down before they would book.

    But, other than that, I have only received a check for $60 and one for $15, plus the $60 I put in for my own share, and nothing else.

    Do you really want the band? Should I cancel them for a night? I need to know ASAP so that we can be fair to them.

    I really have to resolve this soon, please....ASAP.
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    Hey Joel....really hope you can make it! I sent directions to your email...
    We have a couple of groups coming in on Wednesday, so if that works for you ....with the distance....feel free to come then too. Hope you find someone to ride over with...
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    I have been talking to these guys for about a week, and they have agreed to play for us. They had to cancel a gig to play us, but were willing...since we sound like so much fun....and I know one of the members of the band.....(do not know if that helped)! Look um up yourselves.....see what you think!

    So excited!!!!!

    And for anyone who is worried, your port a potties will be here....so you are covered....Reserved a double with sink last week.
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    hey susieQ cnt wait tomeet u in person - ill be there friday. later

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