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    Hope your going to remove the Blogs From the Main Menu and Incorporate them into the New Profiles When the time comes..
    Too Confusing Going from one to the Other.. The Forums Were great the way they were.. Before You Decided to Sensor & Hold our Posts...
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    kevin write:
    Here is the DEMO version of bikerkiss new features . Please copy it and paste it in a new window.

    We can let our members submit the travel road in their area. Other members in their area can share the information and send a ride invitation.

    Length: xxx miles / xxx km
    Time to Allow: 5.5 hours .
    Maps & Directions:
    Points of Interests:
    Photo Album of the tour:

    Any quality suggestion will be offered bonus membership.

    Website Manager

    Kevin this is off subject but good for BK rep.
    m hosting "The Virginia BikerKiss Member Motorcycle Rally this June16,17,18 on my farm in VA. Close to 100 members have already confirmed their RSVP so I expect between 100+ members from all over the US,Canada and The United Kingdom to attend. The actual rally name is " The 1st Annual VA. BK Hogs In The Hole Rally". Its a nonprofit gathering of BikerKiss members to meet in person and have a good time together for the weekend.Im busting a$$ and the bank preparing the grounds, obtaining band, dj, hogs and cookers,sides, kegs and more kegs,camping, parking and game/party areas myself. How about BK throwing in a few Gold Memberships to have drawings for, it sure would be good for BK
    s reputation and my bring a few old members back.
    Let me know if Bk is willing to throw the dog a bone!!!
    Thanks in advance, David--Cut
    How about BK
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    Kevin - how about adding a "tips/comments" section to the motor roads - so that others that have traveled that road or countryside can make their comments on their experience ... such as watch for construction... good time of year to travel... good stops along the way (food/drink/restrooms).
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