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    Yes and no. I know once I break up with someone its never the same when you go back. I have tried it many times and it never worked out. So I agree with you there. The part about not seeing her with anyone is childish. Well you can't stop her from dating anyone. I never liked seeing my ex with other women, but eventually the feelings go away and I can accept it. Relationships are hard enough, break ups are more difficult and it doesn't matter who initiates it.

    I wish you luck.

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    Marzen759 write:
    OK. These are my feelings on a subject. It has happened but a while ago. Not right or wrong-just your opinion.
    I told someone that before I met them I really didn't care who or what they did. That was the past and I had no control or input over that. I did say that if I had a relationship with someone and we parted that I would not want to see, contact have sex or talk with them again. I just said that since I really cared for her I just couldn't stand the possibility of seeing her with someone else. It would hurt even though we were not together. She doesn't get the part that I could just drop her and never want her. She thinks that it isn't fair to the other person. I explained that if you don't want to be with me now then why would I want to be with you later. I know its childish but when I break up in a relationship I just don't want to think of that person being with someone else. Or, at least, not for a length of time. She even stated that what if after a time she wanted to come back? I said no. When you leave that's it. Am I being to childish?

    Childish? Absolutely not! You are who you are and that's how you feel. Don't change that for anybody. And I happen to agree with you totally....

    For me? I too have no desire to stay friends with an ex. What's the point of that? Been there, done that, it doesn't work..... Very uncomfortable place for me to be in, and I like bein comfortable lol.

    And I think it's hysterical that she was shocked that you wouldn't be willing to take her back at a later date after she left to see if there was anything better out there..... That's just wrong - and very hurtful...

    Glad you stuck to your guns. I believe that stayin true to yourself is where it's at....And I believe in goin with my gut these days. It never lies to me, and although my head and heart sometime get in the way of it, eventually I see clearly..... Eventually lol.....
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