Wife doesnt like the road Relationship Forward to friends

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    Hey Bro
    tough situation but I think the ladies have it right unless your'e looking for a divorce then steer away from the female riding partner even if your wife says it's ok with her , trust me it's not never will be I don't care what she says better yet give her a gift enroll her in a riding class let her get the fever that way just another thought, Good luck hope it all works out.
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    I am married also. But I am looking for men, woman, couples, or groups. Don't really matter to me.

    I understand about his wife not wanting to ride. I have the same problem. And it does when your attached to someone who don't like to ride or like motorcycles. But other then that I am happy with my wife. No one on this site could compare. :)

    Also, just so all know, my wife knows I am registered here. We have been together for over 10 years. We trust each other and are honest to one another.

    Now, as for asking guys, the only problem is when you start sending messages to guys on this site they think your gay or something.

    I probably picked the wrong site to look for riding partners and such. Friends also, since it seems hard to make any here. I wish there was a website geared for just that. But I can't seem to find one.

    There is another site I have been posting on. Perhaps I will find riding partners their. I just don't think this site is designed and geared for what I am looking for. But I will hang out till my subscription is over.
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    Hooch is right - you are married. Go with the guys - forget about females unless you are looking for a divorce. Jealousy will be prevelant.

    If you get a solo seat & ride with the guys... what is she gonna be doing? What are her hobbies? Gone too long, hers will take over & you will lose.

    Here's my advice... try little spins & twists. (Hide some champagne, chocolate mousse or something special for when you get home.) Call her & tell her to put on some jeans or whatever your weather calls for. Come home with a rose. Tell her she is in for a special night. Dinner not too far (fancy & remember to make reservations!) Tell her she has to go on the bike for the ultimate evening. After dinner, ride to your local H-D store & tell her she needs to pick out a shirt or something to make it special. Then ride her home & bring out whatever you have stashed & then moustache it for all you are worth & ride her too. They key is to pleasing her while introducing her to riding.

    If that doesn't work, call me & we can discuss riding with other females. ROFLMAO Right, Hooch?
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    sounds like a good excuse to build a clean looking solo chopper
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    Ok i have begged my wife of 2 years to take to the road with me on my Harley(my true love)..She just refuses and doesnt understand the pull.yea I know i was stupid to marry someone that doesnt have the urge,but i did and now look at me!! What about a friend female riding partner.??There is just nothing like sharing a day or week with someone who enjoys riding ,camping and all the fun things that come along with biking.I am going crazy ..need advice!!I just dont want to give up that craving and love of sharing the road and the good times that go along with it..!!
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    Sounds like a bad situation here, but since you ARE married, how bout looking for some MALE riding buddies???? That is, unless you're looking to get divorced....
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