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    I got tired of riding on the back when I was younger. Than I got divorced from a man who never wanted me to even look at one. So as soon as I got rid of him I bought a Honda Shadow 3 yrs ago and than traded that one for a Sportster 2 years ago. Best thing I ever did, now my kids tell me that their dad wants to buy one soon. HaHa!! I have a t-shirt that says: "Yeah I Ride My Own!" Be proud!
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    Thanks for the advice. If and when I do I'll look you up. That would be a little road trip.......
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    rideks write:
    New to this site. As well as posting in forum. Looking for some advice on how you feel about a female my age getting her own bike? I have always been the passenger, which I love. A few years ago I learned how to ride a dirt bike. It was a real challenge for me at first. I never rode when I was younger. Let me know what you think?


    your age???????? you are still a babe--i was always on the back--bought my bike july of 05 at the young age of 51--never rode before i bought him!!!!!

    soooooooooooooo G/F if you want your own--get your own
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