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    Girl, Go for it!! I was older than you when I started.
    I had never even been on the back of one until May of 2003, rode as a passenger one time and we came within petting distance of hitting a deer - we nearly went down). BUT, 2 weeks later I bought one and took the Bike Safety Course and have never looked back. I started with a used Vulcan 500 - dropped it at least 4 times and once I rode it on it's side down a gravel drive. The bike wasn't hurt but I had some hide gone from my elbows, even with a jacket - but, it healed. I went to a new 2005 Honda 750 last spring (I LOVE that bike but it is now for sale - mint shape (7,000 miles on it in 8 months)lots of extras, 4 year warranty left, never been down.
    In Dec I went for the brass ring and bought a 2006 HD FatBoy - just had to experience and to experience the Harley mystic and do not regret it.
    I don't know what age has to do with any of it??? JUST DO IT !!!
    No way a person my size can man handle a bike the size of my Harley; doesn't matter if you are 20 or 50. I would recommend you start with a smaller, less expensive bike - they just aren't going to intimidate you as much. If you have ridden on the back quite a bit - you shouldn't have ANY problem. You know how the bike feels in different conditions, what it feels to lean, hit a bump, go over road grooves, feel wind gusts, etc. HAVE FUN!!! Learn to ride with relaxed concentration . It won't always be easy. You'll get scared from time to time so do riders who have ridden for years. Good luck with your new found freedom in the wind. I ride when, where and how I like - don't have to depend on anyone to get me there. If I want to stop, I do - it's great! I like to ride with a group too - but there is something about being in the wind by yourself. You, your machine and the hiway, it can be down right spiritual and very theraputic!
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    I got tired of riding on the back when I was younger. Than I got divorced from a man who never wanted me to even look at one. So as soon as I got rid of him I bought a Honda Shadow 3 yrs ago and than traded that one for a Sportster 2 years ago. Best thing I ever did, now my kids tell me that their dad wants to buy one soon. HaHa!! I have a t-shirt that says: "Yeah I Ride My Own!" Be proud!
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    I am like you....never rode when I was young, not even a mini bike! But I love the wind, and I got tired of having to wait on someone to have pity on me & take me for a ride. So, in 03 I bought a Honda Shadow 600 (perfect bike for a woman 1st time rider)and taught myself to ride. But with age comes aches & pains, and soon I felt uncomfortable riding it. So, new solution....I bought a HD trike...and I can ride that until I'm too old to throw a leg over. So...if you want to ride....GO FOR IT!! It is a wonderful feeling of freedom & accomplishment when you take that first ride alone!!
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    Thanks for the advice. If and when I do I'll look you up. That would be a little road trip.......
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    rideks write:
    New to this site. As well as posting in forum. Looking for some advice on how you feel about a female my age getting her own bike? I have always been the passenger, which I love. A few years ago I learned how to ride a dirt bike. It was a real challenge for me at first. I never rode when I was younger. Let me know what you think?


    your age???????? you are still a babe--i was always on the back--bought my bike july of 05 at the young age of 51--never rode before i bought him!!!!!

    soooooooooooooo G/F if you want your own--get your own
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    I bought my first street bike at 42, hadn't been riding much before that but have always loved it. No one to be a passanger for so what else was I to do! I just bought my third bike and it just gets better and the bikes get bigger. I started on a 550 that was ok to drop, went to an 800 and now at the 1100. It would take a special man for me to ride passanger, still looking for him but I will even then still ride my own for the most part. Take the motorcycle safety course, best thing anyone can do and enjoy the view from the front. Its awesome!!
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