How redneck are u ? (a parody of the ghetto test by me) Friends

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    Do you get extra points if you were the milk and butter person along with the eggs. Made homemade butter(nothin better than that). Didn't take me to grandma's house but to my childhood. Back to a time of the northen lights and counting stars. Hide and seek being outside was better than T.V. If this is being a redneck I will wear that badge with honor.
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    I started out to make it something fun but yes some of the things bring back old memories for me too,but any excuse to visit with my grandparents even if it's just in my thoughts I know thier smiling down from above.
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    OMG!!! Im crushed cuz I thought I was sophisticated and My family owned the chicken ranch!! I have eaten mountain oysters, milked a goat, slept in a barn, got away from the game warden so many times can't count.. use bacon grease, drink from mason jars, luv homemade fudge, been snipe huntin, and to the sub races, been coon and possum hunting with dogs in Kentucky, luv homemade icecream made from icsicles. I think I only answered no twice to these questions... Whats really strange is this questionaire made me more emotional than I have been in any other thread because it made me miss my grandmother!!
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    KinMonmouth write:
    86 or 91 i aint counting

    your toes getting cold lmao
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    Last words from a redneck.
    Hey yall watch this!
    Hold my beer.
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    starrider1 write:
    Just How Redneck are U ? a parody of the ghetto test

    you will need a paper and pencil for this I have borrowed some from the ghetto test I hope everyone takes this with the good humor it is intented

    1. You know all the words to 'I have got friends in lowly places'
    (5 points)
    2. You where born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line
    (10 points)
    3. You got your eggs from the egg lady at the next farm bonus if your home was the egg lady's
    (5 points + 5 bonus points)
    4. You have ever been taken out behind the woodshed or tool shed for punishment
    (3 points each)
    5. You have rode a bus to and from school for more then 45 mintues one way
    (2 points)
    6.You have ever gone coon or possum hunting.
    (5 points)
    7. You have ever milked a cow by hand or bonus for a goat.
    (5 points + 5 points bonus)
    8. You have ever been 'Snipe hunting,cow tipping,parked by a lake to watch submarine races at night (2 points each)
    9.You have made homemade ice cream by hand cranking the maker you used icicles for the ice
    (2 points each)
    10. You have ate homemade fudge
    (5 points)
    11. You have run from a game warden bonus if you got away
    (5 points + 5 bonus)
    12. You have had reuseable bacon grease in a container on your stove
    (5 points + 15 bonus if you still do)
    13. You have climbed on the house roof to fix the tv. antenna
    (5 points)
    14. You have lit a paper bag of animal waste on a nieghbors porch rang the doorbell and ran away
    (10 points)
    15 . Your hair style is reffered to as a mullet.
    (5 points)
    16. You have never been to a 'people doctor' for any reason
    (15 points)
    17. You have a friend or faimly member who's nickname is Bubba
    (10 points)
    18. You have ever slopped hogs
    (3 points)
    19. You have ever ate any cooked internal organs from a animal
    (2 points)
    20. You have ever drank from a gallon jug or a mason jar
    (5 points)
    21. You have used you'll to describe 1 person
    (5 points)
    22. You have driven more then 5 miles on a flat tire because you didn't have a spare
    (5 points)
    23. Your child drops his/her pacifier you sanatize it by dipping it in whiskey
    (10 points)
    24. You have spend the night in a barn sleeping on hay
    (10 points)
    25. You have left a social gathering with more then one plate of food
    (2 points)
    26. The 'You might be a redneck jokes' seem to be written about your life style
    (5 points)
    27. You have 'A' gold tooth
    (10 points)
    28. Your faimly vehicle is a four wheel drive pickup with a loaded rifle rack in the back window
    (15 points)
    29.You have ever had a party line ph*ne and have listened in
    (10 points)
    30.You think that Elvis is still alive
    (20 points)
    31. You have to take your shoes and socks off to add up your score
    (25 points)

    The Totals

    0-50 points city boy/girl ain't u
    51-75 points you grew up in the suburbs
    76-150 points your a good ole boy/girl
    150 points or more you 'll are a all american high tech redneck

    luv it!!!!!!!!!!!
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