Why is it....... Religion

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    you are right loco about the us wanting a foothold in the middleast--that is why we built the canel!!!(oil)

    if we all lived according to our religion instead of judging the world would be a better place
    the fanatics are the ones that add to others bias--they are in every religion and use religion as an excuse to kill
    the christians did it in bosnia--the moslems and jews in the middleast--this war and hate has been in existance since time began--the crusades lasted aprox 250 yrs--it is a vivious cycle that goes from one generation to the next--each religion believing that they are the only true religion

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    I only have religion in the bedroom. OHHHHHH JEEESUS
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    I'm gonna bow out of this one! I've always had, and will always have, a strong rule against discussing politics and/or religion...opionions are like hineys..everyone has one! ;) Whatever you believe, I'll respect that, as you'll have to respect my spirituality. (word? lol) Be safe all! :)
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    Hi ya Rogue,
    Just me over here in WA State.
    Gotta add my 2cents, been silent too long.
    I won't bore you too much, we all have our own thoughts on
    this and who is to say who is right or wrong?
    I just know that as sure as my next breath that someday you will come to be in dire need of a higher power and I do with all my heart hope you will have the gutts to call on Him... From that day on you will know truth, pure power,faith, hope and unconditional love. And no one will be able to touch that freedom.... No one.....
    I live through His grace and mercy.
    I am a free soul.......
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    I have faith in God and
    I have faith in man but for man regretibly it has always taken tredgety to humbel him (those who have strayed that is)
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    Time to get phylisocial on you asses
    Religion weather we want to see it or not is power, but it started out inocently enough at first just like money, but now in the eyes of some its like the power associated with money. the original power (weather it came from the ultimate being or beings) was an explanation of life and our purpose (or if there is one) man has corupted that allong with everything els he has touched. Those seeking power over those whoes religion is different or those who have money to take. It now all boils down to the corrupted aquisiton of power. All religions teach tollerance compassion and understanding but it isn't practiced as it should be and history proves this.
    The power started out as God's (or gods if that pertains to you) guide for living and living right.
    Lets get back to living and living right.

    mimmi_68 and seeme1st just remember that man has corrupted the teachings of the Bible and the Corran and it reflects in our socioety.
    I respect the both of you greatly. I hope I have offenden no one.

    (The United States has wanted a foothold in the Middle East since Trueman)
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    i don?t believe that the bible contridict it self...
    And i do believe that "god says"...

    Yes the bible are writen by people,but this people were led by god.
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    i believe that all religions basically in there own words "the golden rule" applies
    the bible says do not judge--yet the big 3 in the middle east all they do is judge each other--part of the reason we are at war--not all oil has to do with it also
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    there are many,,and i see it too, but and its a big BUT, GOD's words don't change, alittle riddled maybe, regardless "Its the Belief" and the way you live, whats "pure" in your heart, thats what GOD knows to be true in you, ignorance is no excuse, and yet he is merciful.
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    Lol, because the other religions weren't as good at recruiting!
    In all seriousness, I would have to say(I was brought up Southern Baptist, ack)that people want absolutes, certainty. They want"do this, and get to Heaven". They need the special feeling that abiding by a certain set of rules gives them, when they are with people of the same genre. Almost all of the "old" religions preach tolerance and incorporate several points of view or "possibilities" to their beliefs. As someone that does believe that Christ is the Saviour, but is not sure about the rest of it, that's my 2 cents.
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