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    Angel/Loco......"STAND IN THE DOOR!" Whats up brothers......Eighty duece..on the loose.... 2/321 FA 82nd ABN Paratroopers don't die, we go to hell and regroup!!! Drive on!!
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    307 Engineers, another Division man!

    I always figured the engineers weren't as dumb as the rest of us. They could do everything the infantry could do AND build stuff.

    Oh man, this is getting off topic...'scuse y'all.
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    Hey Eastcoastgal2
    Here's that rat bike your talking bout. dosn't get washed unless it rains or I gota tool on it
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    It's drivin me nuts... one day I'm wearin leathers and sweats, then the next it's just long sleves and some days i freeze going to work and sweat my buns off going home, but as they say "if ya dont like AR weather ...wait a minute! I' sure we miss ya.
    speakin of weather how bout the fair weather riders?
    Eye just for giggles and grins the 307 Engineers
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    You have a good eye and a good attention to detail. I am impressed! All that jumping out of planes and banging into the airframe and riding the ruck in HARD was quite some time ago though, and I thought I had all that out of my system, but I guess the old saying really IS true: "Once a paratrooper, always slightly demented." Rock on, Bro.

    1/75th and 1/505th.
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    lol Loudpipes...I'll remember that!

    Locol...Fellow Arkansan here.'s the weather back home? :)

    Ride safely all...Angel :)
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    a paratrooper knows a fellow paratrooper like a mechanic knows another mechanic and not a poser, plus the rag on your head was an added hint; the all too useful OD green crevat! and for all the others; a biker knows a biker, like a bs artist knows another bs artist.
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    Angel, to those shallow types: I just remind them that #1 mine is paid for.
    #2 I ride Fourty thousand miles a year.
    #3 My first impression of them s**ks!
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    So true Chessie! I've had the pleasure of silencing a few of them by leaving a puff or two of dust...or by just laughing and knowing what asses they can make of themselves, for whatever reason. To each his/her own...I just want to ride! :)
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    Keep dropping it into first and leaving 'em behind Smily Cat. You rock.
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    "you can call it a fetish if you want to but hell yes I look at a males seat. Just like you look at a females seat. We are human, and we all like eye candy, now don't we????"

    I agree, but I have neverrrr looked at your seat. The two pictures on your profile only show that you seem to like to have certain objects quite close to your mouth. Okay, so what kinda seat are you sporting girl?
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    Yeap, formerly. How could you tell? My bow legs aren't showing in the picture....
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    I ride both an 80XL and a 04 V Star. I dont care what it is as long as I ride. Some HD riders have said that my XL is a girls bike. They dont relize that the sporster is a caffe' racer that was built to keep up with the european models of the time. Its not a cruiser. The Yamer is a cruiser but still get gruff from those that don't know I also ride a HD, I don't let them know any beter, I ususally dont associate with them beyond that and probably wouldnt want to (both of our losses) I love to ride Ilove to do many things but of all the things ive done this is what I like doing the most you all know the feeling, but we couldn't explain it to those who don't. I dont care what others think of my rides I'm usually marching to the beat of my own drummer anyways. If annyone of you are in central AR and I got the time off I'll ride with ya and show you some good rides in the area, and I dont even care if ya ridin a moped or the latest high tech "credit card" ride. Lets just ride.

    Eye Question for you, Paratrooper?
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    I'm thinking HarleyAngelHeart has a seat fetish. Or maybe it's an eye-m-no-angel fetish?
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    Sorry Due, andnot startin a fight here, But when Harley outsoursed parts to Japan it was a good bussiness call. I dont get pissed when ppl talk about the Japan parts on the bike. Anymore then i would with the Japan parts on my Ford Truck. Maybe there are Harley owners out there that sound like you say. But with all theones i knw, I know None that really care about Japan parts , or what kind of Bike others ride. When we are riding there are all kinds of bikes along. all sorts of riders, We all watch out for one another help when one has problems. for us i reckon the motto would be FTW .
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    congrats newbluestar on the class 6 and the Bike. I ride Hd's but to me it dont matter what ya ride as long as You enjoy it.
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    Congratulations BluStar! Welcome to the ride of the free! :) And I lil red scoot is a fine ride, and just as everyone else, I'm happy with my decision! All that matters to me is the ride!

    Zee...thanks Sweetie..the Intruder is an excellent ride! The "low rider" build of the bike is so comfortable.

    Eye M...I'm like everyone that really rides for the love of the ride..WHAT you ride matters not to me...THAT you ride is so very cool! Ride safely Everyone!....Angel
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    I agree with you all. I rode on a Vincent before I even got to school. Rode with my Dad on Indians, Harleys, Phantoms, choppers and every English bike made. I have raced Hondas, and other European bikes. I have owned all sorts and kinds of bikes. Yes, I have my preferences, who doesn't but I have never looked down on a bike just the way a rider rides. By that I mean by being reckless and giving other bikers a bad rep. I have listened to people that think anyone without a certain type or kind of bike are low life and cash poor. Call em wanna-be-harleys. That ain't my style and I think it is getting less and less in this day and age. But I also find that it is not just Harley riders that can be snobbish.

    I do not like the so-called crotch rockets only because of the way the rider has to sit. But heck if that is how you like it better you with the sore back than me.

    When I get on a bike especially behind my partner there is nothing in this world that can compare. The experience of riding in the wind together is fabulous. It is the ride and the companionship that is utmost not the bike. I like riding on my own also very much that is where I can sort my thoughts out and work out any problem that I may have. I salute any bike that passes me because we are brothers and sisters after all.
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    Umm..thanks there Truth. I could ramble on for hours, trust me.
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