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    What Columbo said made me remember this one:

    Why is it bad to be an egg? You only get laid once, you only get eaten once. You come in a box with eleven other guys, and only your mother sits on your face.

    Oh....yeah...what WAS the topic again?
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    Hold my beer and watch this
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    "don't interupt me when i'm talking to myself"........................hey do you think bk would add a spell check icon?
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    lowryder-------its driving me crazy----are you standing in front of a sign that is showing up on the sides of you head, or do you have a hat on....you pic is small on my computer and i can't tell.........and thanks for what you said....
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    locol-chessire---i read what you wrote, and you did make me realize maybe i was talking it alittle to much on a personal level to see the whole picture....and if i did offend anyone, especially you sailor, that was not my intention in any form....you are right that it is the individual-not the establishment who is responible for the events in their life, and you are 100 percent right on how enlisted are treated compared to the officers-shit rolls down hill, and the guys pay a big price, and yes chessie your right-i do remember alot of crap rick went through....i guess i get narrow minded when i think someone disses (sp) vets.....hell, i knew thinking wasn't good for me....lol....and fear not my hormone patch gets replaced today......once again all, thanks for the insight and a look at different views, and again if i offended anyone-for that i am sorry- but i still do feel like i want to smack the shit out of people who put these guys/girls down......i hear my hormones calling.........
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    Love me when you think I need it the least, because that is really when I need it the most.

    And finally, men - who can live with them, and why would you want to? (Just kiddin)
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    Plus Beatatudes
    a lot of it is just in fun
    in the army downsizing is practiced with a vengance
    "i have been doing more with less for so long... now the army expects me to do everything with nothing"
    (somthing i used to say alot in the 80s)
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    we know you meant no offence, and im sure all us vets have the upmost respect for those who serve/served and have given.... everything (litteraly). Please understand that through our experiences both good and bad, that what they complain about is usually of their own experience. I have gained many things from the military but I have lost about as much and maby even more, and my experience with the military was all good. Our complaints of the military are usually mis ditrected to the service as a whole when it should be directed to the true cause of our complaints. Some can never really define what it was so it had to be the military as a whole, some just wish to blame the whole establishment.

    Again "I'm ok the whole military is screwed up"

    and for Tp196 and Ladyvulcan
    "The mind is a terible thing"
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    There ain't no sin
    and there ain't no virtue.
    There's just stuff people do.
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    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but
    it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
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    Bea The Post didnt piss me off :> and i have to agree completely with you.and applaude you for the post. But the emoctions dont have one .
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    Lovers come and go but your friends are the ones that tell you you f*cked up and that he/she is a loser.

    Know Thyself

    Eat Shit and Die Twice

    Being that I am of a different belief system, when asked if I've found Jesus, I always ask, I didn't know he was lost.

    And last but by no means least, Talk to my ass, my heads had enough (usually said over my shoulder to some yutz and poor excuse for a man after saying something stupid).
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    I understand your feelings... I really do, but Old sailor was not berating our veterans... nor do I feel that he has in anyway dissed the military... it was a statement on some of the things that go on... perhaps regarding the attitudes of the officers and the enlisted men and women, and the lack of communication between the two. As a military widow, I am sure that you can remember some of the things that your husband may have commented on regarding these issues.
    I was a military brat... grew up in the 60s and 70s within the miltiary family. I have brothers who were in the military, almost every man I have ever fallen for was a vet... and one thing is for sure... the more things change the more they stay the same. The lack of communication between the ranks is always a problem. Unclear orders... ones that are understood to read one way in combat, but can be read another way after combat is not an uncommon feature meant to clear the officers of wrong doing after the fact, leaving the guy in the field holding the bag. Some people have a reason to feel bitter about how things are done... but to accuse them of bitterness towards their fellow vets is unfair, and I hope you can understand what I am saying here, it is not an attack on you... or anyone else who read his post as a bitter attack on vets... it's just another view from the sidelines.
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    I don't think that Old saior was puttn down the Navy... or it's veterns. The man was a lifer... he must of saw something in the Navy to keep him there for 20 years. I was raised a military brat... I have heard my dad.. a man with 30 years in say some unkind things about the attitude of the people in charge and the attitude of the people under them. Would he have traded his life for something else? No, he got what he needed from the military... and we as his family got what we needed...
    Give the man his due... and try to get the joke.
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    ladyvulcan-----that was a nice saying about the song and your friend remembering it for you..never heard that saying before.............
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    old sailor----i know this has nothing to do with anything of great importance, but my old man and son were both in the navy, and i know and knew alot of really good people....why the hell are you so pissed off about the navy, your out now so forget it, but NEVER forget the ones that didn't get that chance to get out...granted the navy took my husbands life, and i guess i just have a hard time when people dis people who are willing to facking die so we can have some of the things in this life we consider precious.....if we agree or not with the military and its actions, all vets-alive or dead- deserve our utmost respect....dont mean to piss anyone off, but i guess i feel like i'm fighting for the ones who cant fight for themselves anymore.........
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    Preventitive maintenance system in the navy is the system that takes a working system and breakls for someting to do
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    A closed mind is a good thing to lose.
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    A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
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