SO, people leary of no photos? Relationship

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    I always like a photo--makes things easier and like someone said before, starts with building trust. Obviously when you meet someone and they do not resemble the photo at all, then you know you can't trust them. I've heard horror stories from guys about women using their sister's photo or old photos etc. Everyone always tells me that I look better in person than in my photo, but I just figure they are tryin' to get in my pants! LOL
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    soldonhd...thankyou baby, it hurt sitting on my own face..
    but not always..kinda like a dog... heehee
    is my pic really that blurry?
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    hi all... ok so i was sendin hi's to peeps but i had no pic.... its waitin for approval..... WARNING needed tho... have ur shades at hand lol ....
    i have bright very bright pink hair.....
    well that let the cat out of the bag lol...

    anyway .. u should be able to tell someones personality ... from the inside of a person not what they look like..... a picture can tell a thousand lies but reality , in the flesh holds all the answers lol
    hope ur all well
    take care
    pink xx
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    IndoorVoice write:
    Photo !

    ....but then again..What if its a OLD photo ?....and since they lost all thier teeth and gained a few pounds, and thier hair fell out ?...
    How on earth are you suppose to handle that lil emergency when ya face to face ?

    Hiya IV,

    WOW! Well, asumming ALL those things have changed, then I would recommend something like:

    "I'm sorry who are you again"?
    "No that can't be. The dude I was talking to on BK had honesty and itegrity and lastly wouldn't have misled me like that. So please excuse me while I keep searching..."

    ...or something like that. If he doesn't get the point. Mace him and run while he's wiping his eyes.

    But seriously....

    I have mixed feelings about no pictures. I can see and understand many of the reasons people have supplied. Personally, for me, its just easier to establish that basic simple trust with a pic than without. If you cant deal with that - well, don't take it personally. You can thank all the Internet morons that came before you...

    On the Internet, you can't stop someone from putting forth something they're not. Heck, a joker can (as some suggest) put up a pic of someone entirely different in their profile.

    And heck, maybe for those that have no intention of actually meeting, they may not mind pic'less profiles and that just may be "good enough" for them. As you may hear many times here -

    Different Strokes!!
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    id like to see who i'm talking to. anyways life is too short to ride with ugly men

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    All it takes is one true mental case who wants to zap you with a tazer in a public parking lot to make you realize that there are a lot of really crazy people out there, LOL --- and I don't want to meet any more. I have had my share, thank you. LOLOLOL
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    OMG you ask for proof of life!
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    I think there has to be basic photos. Of course you never know if they are the person and are real. In dating I ask that the person send a snap with a current daily newspaper so I can see the date, LOLOLOLOL . Want to make sure it is not a 20 year old photo. But there are reason people hide but not on this site. This is not typical dating or bdsm or something. Common thread here and that is motorcycles and many looking for friends, riding pals. No need to hide.
    Scarlet Kittylee
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    gefallen write:
    Wonder about that. I have photos, just dont post em. Prefer to send em I reckon if need be.

    So... whats your take on no photo or photo?


    I just couldn't get into the fellowship thing without a photo.......
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    There you go see that wasn't so bad was it pumpkin!! (Mines 6 weeks old!!!)
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    falcon335 write:
    In this case, I have to defend those without digital cameras, scanners, and web cams. Not everyone can afford or has the know-how to be able to get a pic online. Doesn't mean they are a bad person or hiding something, as long as they are upfront about it.
    I too prefer pics, but I don't automatically delete them if no pic. I will review the profile and respond one way or other.
    One thing I have seen done is to post a pic and then make a forum post. Delete your pic, and for some reason the forum still has it when you post. Don't know if it still works, but it is one way to get your photo out there but not all the way out there.
    And for all those ladies who have said it doesn't matter what a guys looks like, it's what's inside that's important, how many of you delete the guys if they don't have a pic? Not exactly living your own words, are ya?

    Falcon, you're right about most folks not owning digital cameras, scanners and such, but if you can own a bike, you can buy a disposable camera...about 5 away, and for about another 5 bucks or so, have the pics on a CD...automatic picture on line! sorry, but there really isn't a reason as far as not being "able" to post a pic...only excuses!
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    Pics are a must for me. I also delete if no photo, unless the member is so new, pics haven't been posted yet.
    There is a lot you can tell about someone by looking @ their pics.
    For Romantic possibilities: I look for genuine kindness in the eyes... and a sparkle is a delicious thing to see.
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    Have to agree, need a pic...dont want to chat with those grey
  • View author's info posted on Aug 12, 2005 01:34

    soldonhd write:

    Very cute!
  • View author's info posted on Aug 12, 2005 01:32 are beautiful.....I'm so glad you came out of your shell...LOL....nice to finally meet you!
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    I don't have a photo on my profile because i'm a single mom of a small child and it just 'feels' safer that way... but i'll send it to anyone that asks.....this was a good topic!!
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    HarleyChic1 write:

    BabyGirl4You831 write:

    HarleyChic1 write:

    gefallen write:

    I was just making a point that there is comfort in anonymity sometimes.

    But, looks like my photo was approved and up now.... soooo... now you know who you are talking to anyway:)


    Nice pic - see that didn't hurt, "Did It?"

    I always like to see who, I'm talking to.

    Hey HarleyChic your new pics are awesome I told you that in another thread and didnt know if ya saw it or not..

    Thank you - I though it was time for a change.

    Hey girly girl I will "see @@ you" next week!!!
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    mark414 write:
    Nice bike. Bet that's not your daily rider. Seriously, I think my pic sux and it's like two weeks old. If I had a pic from 20 years ago I'd be on my bicycle and It wouldn't be a photo taken with a DIGITAL CAMERA.

    Your pic is fine don't sweat the small stuff LOL. Seriously......nice pic
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    Yes I agree Greys are icky, and do belong to a hidden "Cult" LMAO!!!!!

    I have to tell ya Gefallen...when you responsed to my email telling me to go buy some biker magazine to see you, I ran right the hell out the door, to the store....NOT!
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    Sweet bike!! G-Man

    squirrel on a fly by>>>>>>>>>>=.}~
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