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    trust me,i dont want a woman to treat me bad,thats not a turn on for me,lol.
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    Men experience the same thing a gorgeous woman with a lot going for her going out with an abusive man trying to rescue him and not at all interested in a good man who has very little to mother or tend to. Being needed is a very deep need in many people and someone that is needy supplies your need but can't supply much else really. Both s e x e s experiences it because it is a soul thing beneath the physical s e x.
    46 you gave up everything in less than a year! He probably felt burden by that and didn't feel worth the sacrifice. You can do heroic things to let someone know how much you love them but if they don't love themselves and feel they are worth it; it will fail.
    Secondly, if you don't know what a good relationship is and have never experienced one (most commonly why you and I are single) then when you find one you don't know how it is suppose to feel and it will feel different. If you don't feel like you deserve it or are fearful of the intimacy because you don't know how or never learned what a wonderful experience it is you sabotage it.
    Most people were never shown a model of a good relationship to follow and don't know what it is. Many of us have learned and are learning but old habits and fears die hard...12 weeks I have heard for some but the deeper the origin the stronger the root problem.

    Good luck ladies and above all have fun!
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