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Stupid joke that was funny
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Posted on Thu, Jul 21, 2005 16:14

bashor1 write:
Please excuse the language!!

3rd grade class room..The teacher was calling out letters of the alphabet and started with the letter A The kids had to say a word that started with that letter. Ralph is in the back waving his hands in the air and says pick me pick me I got one... The teacher thinks to herself and says no because Ralph likes to cuss and he will say azz or something. So she says ok Mary whats your word? Mary say Apple and the teacher says good job.

Teacher goes through the letters B C D and so forth and Ralph says again on all letters, I got one !! Pick me !!
The teacher was not falling for it and got clear to the letter R and ralph says please I have one!! and the teacher thinks to herself and can't seem to think of a cuss word that starts with the letter R
So the teacher says ok ralph whats you word

Ralph stands up in class and says Rat !! Big Harry F_ _ ken Rat !!

Well is it good or bad? Just trying to make waves...

LOL Cute Bash! LOL real cute, Sweetie!


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