Where are the normal women? Romance Forward to friends

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    "normal" men are like parking spots...the good ones are all taken...the rest are handicapped! LOL Kidding!! the same can be said about women - I agree, there are some nutjobs out there and gender doesn't seem to command that factor. It's all in your definition, know what I'm saying? Like I always tell folks..."Why be normal?"
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    I ask myself that all the time.......I think people have a certain expectation of what they are looking for. I think I am normal..but my definition of normal differs from many others. I like to say I am unigue! I think everyone is, but unfortunately, people like ot try to mold others to what htey want them to be. I am looking for pretty much the same thing you are, but a little more...only because I have been through a lot in my life thus far! I am an open-minded person and just want someone who is honest, trustworthy, funny as hell and loving! You will find your definition of normal.......but hey....LIke Jimmy Buffet says in his song "Fruitcakes"...we nee a little more fruitcakes in this world!!!!
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