The only way to ride... Riding Sober Forward to friends

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    Recovery is where its at! Screw fallin over on my bike The cool thing is that I don't ever have to go to prison again!
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    aed428 write:
    i have no clue how to do this or how it works but i found it to be an interesting topic since i'm comming up on two years 8-29

    aed, do me a favor as you celebrate your re-birth day...August 29, 1953 was the day my 1st husband was borned...he died a few days before my 32nd birthday...I'm so sorry he didn't have the strength to ride sober! Think of him...think of you...and then thank God! Congrats, Brother! I'm proud of you!!!
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    JULES write:
    Awesome story and congrats

    Dave, if I wore a hat, I'd tip it to you Brother! Congrats and God's Blessings!
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    scarydave write:
    As a 30 year pot smoker I rode high for a little over 25 years. (15-40+) I never did drink and I would hate to even think of what coulda happened to me if I had.

    Although I used to get jacked up and frisked constantly, I always passed every sobriety check I was ever put through. Usually the cops were dissapointed that I was a non drinker and it never dawned on them I mighta smoked I guess. they were too busy accusing me of being in a gang (was never in a club). Back in those pre helmet days, riding my FLH with long hair and tats bought me nothin but trouble, still I never got popped fo rbein high cuz I never carried and always passed the sobriety checks.

    These days, thanks to MTV and discovery channel I rarely get anything but smiles from cops. Although I did get popped for loud pipes last month in west hollywood due to a major crackdown. Funny it took 5 sherrifs to pull me over and check my paperwork. lol Seems like they coulda been more usefull doin somethin else but apparently they were afraid of me so they surrounded me.

    Now that I been clean and sober almost a year (aug 20th) not only is riding more enjoyable (less paranoia) but I had all those sill cops rollin in the street laughin and we all drove away a little bit happier. What's that sh!t? I get jacked up by five cops and ticketed and we all drive away happy? That's just not eht me I am used to ;)

    So I don't think warnin people about the consequences of drivin drunk and loaded is gonna mean squat to an addict. On the other hand, it is my experience that no matter how much pain my past is/was fulla and how many resentments I use to wear like a giant flag of anarchy, my life since I got clean is much less painfull.

    The best part of drivin sober for me is that cops don't make my heart race. I don't have to plan my trips around how to get high. I actually go out more often cuz I don't have to plan aroudn gettin high and dealin with my addictions were just plain inconvenient.

    I admit my first 6 months of sobriety were not the happiest moments of my life and I can come up with a hell of a lot of great experiences which went down while I was high but now.... I don't HAVE TO get high. I have a choice now. I ain't workin fo rsome drug dealer. I am workin for myself.

    Best of all, this year, my 10 year old son came out to visit me and we rode and rode and rode together for the first time. The tv never got turned on and I never had to feel guilty bout ridin with my kid while loaded or put off his right to ride with me cuz I was loaded.

    So I aint gonna moralise or warn of consequences but man, my life is sure a lot better and so are my rides. Besides now I can sink all that drug money into my ride and gas money ;)

    Pain is a given but suffering is optional!

    There is a differnce between pleasure and happyness!

    Ride free!


    Awesome story and congrats
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    Thanks Seeme

    Should prove interesting nonetheless... even if a grin is all I get here in a day.

    And one grin is better than none for sure.
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    Good for you, Man! I know my two year mark meant more to me then my one year. I wwas able to get to know myself and my spirituality better. First year was kind of a blur. Keep on being happy and clean.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 09, 2005 at 06:54 PM

    i have no clue how to do this or how it works but i found it to be an interesting topic since i'm comming up on two years 8-29
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 09, 2005 at 01:56 PM

    Thanks Babygirl. Sometimes it's the support and friendship that get you through it when you want to say screw it and grab for your drug of choice. Appreciate the kindness.
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    happy joyous and drug free in DC,Baltimore and points South.
    since 1995
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 09, 2005 at 09:02 AM

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO on everyones sobriety... I only wish some ppl would realize that DRINKING AND DRIVING do not mix... For the safety of yourself and others.. I pray and hope to GOD that someone reads this and realizes that there is so much more to life out there then DRINKING their life away.. Would be such a happier home and life,.. Well anyway.. CONGRATS TO ALL AND CONTINUE THE WAY YOU ARE AND BE VERY VERY PROUD OF YOURSELVES..
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    welcome cb---hope you enjoy posting the forums with us
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 09, 2005 at 07:29 AM

    I'm new here but not new to recovery(coming up on 16 years in Oct).

    I love riding and being aware of what is going on... There were too many days in the past that I wondered why I was still alive due to stupid shenanigans pulled while drinking.

    This has been an insightful and grin-producing thread... much needed this morning.

    Kindest Regards and Be Safe Out There

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    First of all...Congrats to everyone who took control of thier lives and got sober! A good rule of thumb is NEVER operate any piece of machinery while drinking. (cars, jet skis, boats, bikes, heavy equipmet.....)
    Be safe!
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 08, 2005 at 06:41 PM

    Good idea, Tree!
    Even one beer impairs
    and of course, Reaction Time!
    Ride sober. Live to ride another time!
    Congrats to all of you friends of Bill W.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 07, 2005 at 11:26 AM

    I've tried a couple and I'm with you Tree. They don't make me want to drink. Peace.
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    Hey ya'll,
    I so missed that cold beer in the summer , at the end of a long hot day ,after breathing in saw dust and wood chips all know, the kinda thirst that only a cold cold beer can cut through...well guess what???, there are incredible non alcoholic beers avaiulable these days, and just for me, they do NOT trigger the desire to get drunk, they just taste good and cut thirst!!!!!
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    I recall many evenings as a child, out with my Dad playing pinball machines in bars while he BS'd with the guys. It was all the soda and chips I wanted, and the quarters for pinball, or bowling never stopped coming. On the way home, I got to steer the car before I could reach the peddles ! We laughed about this for years,'s called child abuse ( although I've never felt abused ) Drinking and driving have changed over the years..oh wait, drinking and driving haven't changed, folks have only opened thier eyes to the effects. I've seen the devastating effects on lives way too often, with drinking and driving, as we all have.
    Oh, by the Dad at the age of 84 is strong, healthy, works like a crazed man on old houses as a hobby, and has been sober for 20 years. Due to high blood pressure, the doc told him he could have 2 beers a day. He just didn't see the point, as he said 2 wasn't enough...
    There is always beer at my house, and after a long day, a beer tastes great. But, I'm in for the day, stay out of the car, and am a firm believer in moderation in all things.
    There are many folks angry with the mad moms, but I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child ( or any loved one ) over someones ignorance.
    It looks like my "bar" days were over by the age of 10 ... lol
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    I know that I hardly ever drew a sober breath for years.Couldn't understand why people wouldn't ride with me after I had drank all day and would cover both sides of the road.Had friends pull plug wires,let me kick for ever.Good thing they did.Now days I very seldom drink and if I do I won't even get in a cage to drive.
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    Seldom do I actually sit here in this house alone, and laugh like a fool, but you got me !!! What a visual...I think I probably know this guy roflol
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 26, 2005 at 08:34 PM

    Congrats on everyone in recovery ! I just reached 2years in May. I feel great. Its hard enough to ride or drive sober these days with all the drivers with blinders on. LOL
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