Are there any GOOD men left? Romance

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    Have any of you visited a Harley Factory?
    I have visited York where my Springer was made.
    You know what is neat about it.
    It use to be a factory that made munitions for the Navy.
    It has employees that have been there longer than 20 years.
    Why is the choice of Harley important?
    Everyones jobs and an icon that when semiconductor and other industries got their bu t t handed to them on a platter some smart guys manage to save an American industry and come out on top. It is flattery to have so many imitations. I think you can ride what you want to ride but a legend is a legend by the trials it survives and when many other motorcycle companies were beat up badly and disappeared to the Japanese import Harley was a survivor just like so many of its riders who don't give up or sell out on a dream but stick it out and make it real; made it and are now basking in marketing glory..have you read Walstreet Journal and looked at their stock?
    You can ride what you want that is your choice like mine and that is a beautiful thing. It doesn't make one more or less than anyone else it is simply a case of values and what you value. What you value is what you make your decisions on.
    It isn't easy and many Harley leathers are Chinese and other imports, but being aware and trying to make a decision that supports Americans is important to our economic health. If Iraq reported 200,000 dead on the battlefield tomorrow we would all be horrified but when it is reported as lost jobs it is just disturbing news.
    Ok enough preaching....
    Plus environmentally 40 to 50 mpg is pretty good with style


    "I Do"
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    see can't take her nowhere
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    i ment springer soul - SS and i would be fighting over nuts and sparklie things so it wouldnt work

    spring soul is single available and well quite frankly i think he rocks
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    catchme write:
    SS can we get married?

    Psssst. Catchme. Wrong site.

    If we're really quiet though, maybe no one will notice.....
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    good men with or with out color.oh i for got that is touche
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    don't let them sweat you kitten. they all like harleys too or they wouldn't be riding a v twin dressed up to try to look like an HD. To each their own but if HD ain't the king of the road then why do all these jap bikes try to copy them? Why are the Indians , Bigdogs, etc. built on the HD design? Simple, its what everyone thinks of when "motorcycle" is mentioned..
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    "You can't judge a man by what kind of bike he rides or car he drives."

    Ya mean like me on a Roadstar??

    Yea it's a yamaha, it's also an asskickin 1600 vtwin that dynoed at 75 HP and 100 ft/lbs!! Sounds like thunder and it chits lightning!! I didn't settle for it I chose it because that is what I wanted. I bought it in Nov 01 and by June 02 I had 5000 miles on it. I don't sit around and look at it I ride it. I've got 24000 miles now and that's after sitting from jan 04 to may 04 and not much use this past winter because of the winter from hell. The past 2 weekends I've done about 600 miles. So like you said Harleychic anyone excluding someone for not having a Harley is probably being a bit shortsighted, but that is all a matter of opinion. I don't believe anyone should be coerced or guilted into anything. You should do whatever it is that makes you comfortable, just be clear on your own reasons of why you do what you do!! OK I'll shut up now!! Get me goin on a rant and chit, I need a ride!! See ya
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    SS can we get married?
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    Just from a guys point of view. The MUST have a Harley is a big turn off. Makes one wonder if you're looking to date a man or a bike. So what if your dream boat rides and Indian? I bet 99% of man (with or without a harley) think you're shallow. So you meet a guy that rides an all chromed out Harley and you're his backrest. 2 years of sheer bliss and one day he surprises you and comes home with ohh a brand spanking new Victory Hammer. Now what? Ditch him? I wish you luck but remember your criteria is going to hurt you in the long long run.
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    All the good men are with all the good women.
    Truly in love and totally smitten.
    nothing is left for us her my kitten.
    They left the world with an image for us to pursue knowing full well no one left in it would do.
    It is sad but true everyone here is less than ideal, but everyone here is very real.
    Just like your favorite ride that on the first day ignites your inside and gets you so high that one day needs a little understanding when its motor begins to quip or its tires begin to slip.
    Everything and everyone here requires a little maintenance its true.
    So don't miss out on a good man or a good women because they are all just stock with a little love and attention even a basket case will become a custom that rocks!

    Poetic license disclaimer:
    Don't take on a basket case to save it as your sole mission and make sure if you take one on you really Love it, have the skills and the ambition...

    This message has been provided by the council on responsible poetry.
    Thank you.
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    I am just what you are seeking but that's not a Harley in the Pic. O no another one slips away :(
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    In the immortal words of that kid up the back of the classroom ... "PICK ME !! PICK ME !!" (waves hand in air frantically)

    ... ok ... just visualized that ... please, ladies ... ignore that little kid up the back of the classroom ... I can't believe I wrote this even in jest.
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    I am looking for a good man with a Good bike.Thats not asking too much.

    whats worng with just liking one type of bike? don't people like the same types of cars or the same type of clothes?
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    I was hoping boss.....never know where I may find him!but still hoping I will . I am a great backrest!!!!
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