WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY? (non motorcycle) Entertainment and Hobbies

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    kool, I'm thinkin while you're goin thru towns keyin up with that setup ain't nobody watchin anything on TV lines and hearin your voice!! Funny chit. I ahven't fired up my stuff for a while. I lost my Browning in the divorce with my 1st wife. Man that radio was limited frequency range wise but modulation?? Holy chit batman that thing would put out further with 3 watts then another radio would with 20 watts because of all the modulation!! And it didn't distort, clear as a bell. Perfect with the lollipop D-104. I think it actually ran somewhere around 1000% on the modulation. I had found in general the old tube units were predesposed to running much cleaner when you ran high powere or hi modulation. Especially when you ran both!! Ya know how allot of the units when running solid state amps would get a little fuzzy in the modulation?? Now I'm talkin all 11 meter stuff because that's all I played with. It always seemed more of a challange to me to get an 11 meter setup to talk around the world ya know what I mean?
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    My hobbies? Sorry it is just motorcycles. I do collect a few guns and do some shooting.

    SLB I live just up the road from the Fenton glass factory. They have a good tour and its free.
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    You know what, I'm not sure I really want to know the answer to why he collects vasaline jars:). I sort of envy you guys that have listed you like to fish, i would like to but, ok confesion time. I am scared to death of fish. Thats right 6'3" 225 lbs big time bad a s s truck driving biker and I am scared of fish. shew, man thats a load off.
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    Bikeman I hear ya, mobile rig-Ranger 2950, Texas Star 667-V, on low driving an 8 pill. It'll dead key 1000 watt's if I crank the 667 up a notch. Got a Ranger 2970 for a base and a half dozen or so 2-meter 440 dual band rigs. Kenwood TMV-7 is my favorite, got one for a base and one in my van. Sorry Gal's, I done got carried away again, I grow lots of flowers and crap too. lol.
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    Slap me and call me stupid...but I'm still trying to figure out why you would collect vaseline jars SLB?
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    I didn't blow it Truthfulbabe! I just misread something. I can understand collecting Vaseline JARS...I just thought he meant he was collecting actual VASELINE, and I thought..no way, what do you do? How can you collect Vaseline, and how do you display it?

    As for saltwater fishing, SLB, I love it! I don't know deek about it, but the times I have been (where a friend showed me what to do) were great! And I've never met a fish that I didn't like to eat. (Something tells me I'll regret typing that...)
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    yes Eye I collect used vaseline jars. Ha ha!
    Also love to fish, snook are hitting now, a tender at FF just caught a 27 pounder, so is Cobia, Redfish, Black Drum, kingfish and shark.
    Love it!
    I have a telescoping pole that fits in the saddle bag, would like to fish the key largo area when we go to the keys.
    Also would sellin stuff on ebay qualify as a hobbie?
    Traveling is one of my hobbies, nothing like a roadtrip to clear the mind an soothe the soul.
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    This is possibly one of the most interesting threads I have seen in awhile!

    But SLB....you collect Vaseline??
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    I like to do woodworking makeing scoll saw pics Shoot 3-d archery hunt and fish
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    I love music, reading, Nascar, and visiting with friends. Love to get together with the guys from work to have a cold beer and some laughter.
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    I collect old cocktail memorabilia, books, shakers, glassware... Got most of it put up for the time being, but can't wait to get it back out once I get my act together, finish house repairs & build a bar. I also love to cook. Old b&w classic movies are big on my list too.
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    grnidwitch, you and I have something in common.
    Just rented a store downtown for Antiques, love it.
    Love garage sales, I collect old car parts and motor's manuals. Also Fenton glass (Cranberry) and vaseline.
    Going to an auction tomorow night, am hoping to buy a lustre pair, and need a ladder rack table.
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    I have several hobbies, but I guess playing chess, astronomy, and doing geneology for friends and family are at the top of the list.
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    That's kool, nice to have your own band

    It's funny with the cb stuff I haven't touched it for a while but it can be fun!! I used to modify allot of the older cb's for extra channels. I could usually get more power out of them and eliminate the modulation limiter so you'd get good distances.

    I met allot of kool people over the years on there. I always thought of the internet as cb radios replacement!!
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    Being a truck driver Biker, i know exactly what you are talking about. I got my dads base unit, a 2 speaker cobra, D-104 with a 8 tube elkin. My mobile is a phillapines made 29 ltd and a 500 watt tx star.

    I would have to say my hobby is online racing and play drums in my jazz fusion band.
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    Hey Speedyjerry
    I did the tinkering thing with CB radios for years too. Chek this chit out, you'll probably be the only person here that has a clue what I'm talkin about.

    Browning Golden eagle Mark 2 with a D104 Crystal element and a Kris 400 watt linear amp!!!

    Talked all over the world on that setup with a starduster omnidirectional!! Don't tell anyone but I'm an electronics geek too!!

    I used to peak and clip everyones radios, i still have a star export radio. AM,FM,LSB,USB. It looks like a cobra 148, same case, different board. Same board as a Galaxy superstar...chit man don't even get me goin on this stuff!!!
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    thunder yep love to find some lil band down in the city that is just awesome.music is a wonderful mood changer. i also love to just chill (which doesent happen often)
    give me a good book a beach chair - and a radio and cooler and im a happy camper
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    I like electronics, that's what's wrong with me, I'm FRIED. For years I played with CB Radios and Big Amplifiers talking around the world, graduated to Ham radios. For the last ten years been actively involved with Amateur Radio Emergency Services, we have stations at hospitals, police, shelters, Red Cross headquarters and the Emergency Operations Center. Every county in America has an A.R.E.S. group like us, volunteer's to assist communications for search & Rescue, disasters and anything else, hurricanes keep us busy here. I'm centrally located in my area and relay messages between all our locations during storms. We work with every National Weather Service location as well because they can't see a Tornado with Doppler Radar, they can tell when conditions are favorable then call us to physically look for and relay back to them locations and directions for warnings.
    Got a few radio control race cars too, been racing them half my life, they have come a long way.
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