"Colors" "Patches" OK with you? Romance Forward to friends

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    Oh forgot--had a friend who had a 'little problem' that the 'club' helped her out with. Eh, no big deal.......A month or so later...they just decided that she could repay the favor with a few car titles to vehicles she 'really didn't need'. It was the cars or her bike...... Aint nothun free..... including favors
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    OK, for a little more straight talk----let's hope you have a big 'blood brother' (I mean your for real brother- and even that may not be good enough when we are talking clubs!) who happens to be the club president and maybe another in some other 'arms'position' if one of the boys decides he thinks you are perty after an evening of partying and you are nobody's property........
    When one of the locals decided he wanted 'out' they decided inking out the tattoo was not good enough and cut it out of his arm. ..... He was found dead a month later. I'm sure there are MANY more stories that could be told-- be real careful---yea, I have club friends/acquaintances, but I guess i have just seen enough of the bad stuff for so long that I have always been careful...........
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    blondeharleydirl you are just not getting it..you are creating a debt that will be collected on if you don't cut the ties now.Read these other posts from people who have lived in that world..
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    Blu , Chessie , Char and everyone else. Thank you for your contributions on this subject. If this keeps just one nieve little girl from screwing up then it was well worth our time.I have also heard of a lot of people getting drugs slipped to them , even very recently for these purposes so remember no matter how smart you try to be it can still happen if you are anywhere near these things.All I am trying to do here is keep you all safe and not have you subjected to bad things
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    I havent been back here in a few weeks, and the only reason I am here today is because HarleyDragon suggested i read this thread. You ladies are dumber than rocks. You think you really "know" these 1%er's you have been partying with? Do you really believe that all you have to do is show respect and follow the rules to stay "safe" while partying with a member, or a group of brothers? You're a niave and silly girl, and an easy mark.
    It takes more than being respectful to gain the respect from these men. It takes giving more than most of you ladies are willing to give, and it takes a compleate commitment to them, and them alone. even taht is not enough to keep you safe. In fact, the very fact that you are a splittail makes it impoosible for you to have an equel footing among the brothers...
    The ol ladies are property, and the hang arounds are pussy... to be used, and never respected... get your heads stright little girls, Your not ready for what comes next when your a hang around.
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    Being a biker since I was 14 I know about allll aspects of club life. Some have visited but few have 'lived' it. I for one respect what lies behind the visitors eyes. Where do you ladies thing the term "MAMA" came from and do you know what it means? Do you have any idea what 'property of' job description entails? Few do. Safe? perhaps until you let your guard down or 'they' decide otherwise. HD & Gruff & SLBs...are aware.
    Not said w/any negativity..it's just a fact. When I was just a wee babe I used to think 'mama' was where it was at...lol
    Cweet Char
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    Depends what type of "club" your talking about. I've met some 1%'s and by themselves they were cool guys. Don't think I'd want to be in a group by myself. (No offense to all you good guys out there). Also been to some of the rallys where the chicks walk around with "property of..." and the name of the guy they're currently riding with on a patch between the club rockers. Uh huh. Not my thing. There are good guys and bad guys,(same with girls) just need to keep your eyes open and know where Not to be. Peace.
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    HD, just for clarification purposes, I am not referring to hanging out and partying in the clubs. We may be talking about two different things..I don't put myself in a position, bar or club, to possibly be bandied about by anyone. I was referring to, as a single woman, if I needed help, assistance, backup, in anyway, I know club guys would have my back, i.e. just recently had an issue, had it handled.
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    Been around HD since I was a kid and my mom dated HD riders and we went to the TT's and my boyfriend's brother-in-law was the club president. (I was 16) No, i have never been abused or man-handled by any club members, but I keep my wits about me and am respected both as a female and a rider. (I have 2 of my own Harleys) They can be some of the greatest people on the earth. I also know that I do not ever want to be anybody's property--I have enough laws and rules to follow.... and know some of the things that go on and are required of 1%ers. Guns in pockets with baby nipples make me nervous and those of you who have really been around clubs will know what i mean......
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    ladybug has it right -- eyes and ears ALWAYS open, whether with 1%'ers, association members, or non-affiliated riders. Not everyone is what they seem at first. And ladies, it isn't that we don't respect or trust you or the 1%'ers. We do. We just want to make sure you're safe and aware of the pitfalls that some have seen or experienced first-hand. And even we'll admit there's a lot of good times out there too, as many of you have espoused. They can be great friends; they can also be your worst nightmare. Keeping with ladybug's philosophy will save you the nightmare.
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    You ladies have friends in the clubs, great. Just don't get careless, and don't put yourself or the non-clubber guy you're with into a position that will take violence or the cops (if you're lucky enough to find one before something happens) to get you and/or him out of.
    Do I have 1%er friends? My father is a past president of a CA Hell's Angels chapter. That gets me zip respect-wise with them; remember I'm not a member. A few SOS and the Ambassador for the Warlords are also friends of mine. We may have a cigar or a drink together from time to time, but we don't go into each other's worlds uninvited. Respect? Sure. But I also know that if push comes to shove, my 1%er friends are going to side with their club and not with me, especially if I don't like how they are treating my lady. Losing face and prestige is not something that they take lightly, believe me. Again, are there nice guys and gals in the clubs? Sure. But don't forget you aren't a member and that you are going to continually get the same type of respect that they demand of you. Fun to party with? Can be. Just remember that the drunker you get and they get, the more likely it is that someone's going to say the wrong thing, and reason is not going to save you. So be careful, ladies. It doesn?t always end up being the kind of fun you thought you were going to have. Never, ever disrespect their colors. Dead doesn?t look good on anyone.
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    I'm totally on board with both HD and SLB. There's a difference between the clubs and associations. The 1%'ers are into a lot of things that aren't necessarily above board. It's all territory and respect to them. Some nice people, but heavily into protectionism of their own and they do view the ladies as potential pass-arounds (even if your friend doesn't, I guarantee other members will). And even the nice guys will do whatever it takes to make sure the club doesn't lose face when the time comes. They love to have the ladies around though; but much prefer to make you trophies and possessions than to just be friends. And any time I see a probate from a club, I give them a wide berth. They want to make a name for themselves, and will start something at the drop of a hat, respect or not. And woe be the guy who tries to get his lady away from a clubber, probie, or group of either. They respect each other (most of the time), but have little for other associations or riders except maybe for the single fact they ride. They'll gladly help out the ladies that want to ride, but don't expect to keep getting those rides without having to do some payback somewhere. And never ask a clubber for a favor -- you may not like what they want in return.
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    very true Gruff..they will say " but , this club is different" or " but,they treat me different"...yeah , right..I don't care how the lions appear,they will get hungry and when they do,they will feast..If these girls could ever see just one train party on a doped up little girl they would run like hell
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    harleydragon/gruff..just to clarify, the word "safe" was mis-interpreted & never once said "secure".i do appreciate ya'lls honesty on this, Thank you! hear ya'll load/clear and this isn't the first time its been said. the "negetive" end of the spectrum concerning this post should be noted by everyone, exspecially the women. Thanks again...peace...Ladybug
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    HarleyDragon, you took the words right outta my mouth... ladies, if you aren't somebody's ol lady you are viewed as a potential pass around... and if you're a pass around, you'll NEVER be a brother's ol lady... when they're done with ya they'll trade ya for a pack of cigarettes.. I've seen it happen more than once... my ol man lived and died a 1%er... he was killed while on "club business".. the initial question here was "are you uneasy around patches?".. my answer is absolutely not... the ol man's brothers were, are and always will be family... I love them all, but I am only TOO aware of what my "family" is capable of...
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    I have many club member friends, mostly retired and that is a different story. I've visited and rode with a few clubs. I have no fear, but I have respect and watch my back and actions. I think property patches are the most degrading thing to a woman. Dated a guy who was an officer in one. He didn't expect me to wear one and the members respected his wish not to share, thank God. It isn't always like that. Women are not equals that is for sure!
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    Amen Suspendedlostboy. Good post.
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    Well HD I'll have to give you credit. I would have to say those are the wisest words I've read on this subject so far. You can explain it to them a thousand times but sometimes they just don't get it or they just don't want to believe it. You never really know how a lion is going to act until you get in the cage without a lion tamer. Nuff said.
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    little sister, thanks for contacting me. No I don't feel uncomfortable around clubs. I've partied with many members of various clubs at abate parties and at clubhouses all over. Localy we have four major clubs represented, and many smaller clubs in and out of the area. So knowing club members is a fact of life and respect for each is mutual!
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    blondeharleygirl and lady_bug..you can believe me or not but since you both feel so safe and secure I will let you know that behind your backs you are viewed as pass arounds awaiting initiation.It's been happening a long time and when it does there is nothing you can do to stop it. So play with fire if you want to.
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