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    For years I wanted to ride a motorcycle. At the overly ripe age of 52, I bought my first motorcycle - a Harley-Davidson Sportster. At the time, the salesman had to deliver it to my house since I didn't have a motorcycle endorsement. For the first week, I sat and stared at the mechanical marvel not knowing if I could ride it. Finally, I hopped on, started it, and revved the engine a few times while the mufflers pointed toward the opened garage door. Next, I put the motorcycle in first gear and toyed with the clutch to get a feel for the friction point. Unfortunately, I let the clutch out too fast, bolted through the back garage wall,and put the bike down ten feet later. I picked the motorcycle up and couldn't believe it... no dents or scratches on the new Sportster. However, the garage wall didn't fare so well. Within a few days, the garage was repaired, I participated in a motorcycle driving/safety class, sold the Sportster, and bought a new FLHT. After such a rough start with motorcycling, I now have more confidence as my learning curve continues to spike.

    Today, I face a new obstacle. I didn't realize windburn can oocur while cruising the highways for hours and hours. Wind can even stretch facial skin back to give a more youthful appearance. (Perhaps that's why I ride for hours and hours.) When I come to stops, however, gravity wins and my skin returns to normal.

    In motorcycle class the instructors constantly stated, "Keep your head up. Wherever your eyes go, your motorcycle will go there, too." A few weeks ago, I was cruising along the interstate and was passed by a car with two women in it. Suddenly, one woman pulls her shirt up and exposes her bare breasts at me. Naturally, I turned my head to get a long look. Sure enough, the bike started heading toward their car! I found out later, some women feel the need to flash their bare bodies to motorcyclists.

    If only I started riding motorcycling years ago.... Would I still be alive?
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 26, 2007 at 12:35 PM

    That is the funniest story I have heard in awhile. unfortunatly it probably happens more that ever. Both the losing your bike in first gear and the girls driving downt he road!!!!

    Be careful and don't look at those evil women they mean you ill-harm!!!! Just joking but do be careful!!!
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