to many clones ! Biker wanna be

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    If you think loud pipes save lives imagine what learning to ride can do.
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    I have honda's, Harley's, Yamaha's and Kawasaki's. Wheels is wheels. I like um load and I like um stock sounding. I figure what ever makes you feel good, go for it. We have enough hassel with the law, no since hasseling other riders. - Dingdow
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    Gunny, I am a old e-6 Vietnam era Marine. Been riding since I was 14 years old and I.m sorry brother, but I can't agree with what you are saying. I judge my opinions by my experiances and I assure you that their is a large differance between a siren and a motorcyle exhaust. I drive quiet cages and I can assure you I can hear a loud Harley better than your sirens. Your pearcing sirens just don't carry as well as you think. Also, I enjoy riding a quiet bike more than a loud one anytime, but, out of self protection, I ride with loud exhausts to make sure that those I am around notice me. Their is a large differance in the amount of incidants that I have had since I opened my exhaust up.
    Until people start riding with their windows down, their stereos at a reasonable level, their cell phones in storage, and their heads out of their asses you will continue to notice a increase in emergancy calls.
    It is easy to see you are strongly influenced by the law enforcement and medical community opinions. Nothing meant against you, but this is the way it is. I have many friends in those professions and have had this conversation many times. I'll trust my own experiances rather than others opinions.
    Semper Fi Bro.
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    The "Wanna-B's".......

    Pulling up to a Pub with three bikes parked outside, walk in and see twenty Bikers at the bar?

    Watching a couple dude's pull into a Harley Store and go straight for the clothing section like a couple kids at an ice cream shop?

    Riding to BikeWeek passing shiny trucks, motor homes and coaches pulling trailers plastered with Harley decals full of bikes knowing Miami is only a hundred miles south of where I live, which is only 165 miles south of Daytona.

    WannaB's?...... where would Harley Davidson be without them today?
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    Quoting Decapitated:

    for the love of satans desending nutsack....can we just agree that we all like rides ? lol
    respect friends..... love Gina

    Gina...youve said the only intelligent thing ive read on here yet Thanks lil sister
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    Any up-dates or word from Harley Dragon?
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    Quoting Grufff:

    wingrider1 write:
    there you go my point exactly i put it out there and a clone answered. whats a matta sunshine the truth hurt . only a clone would have responded,and there are true riders that have goatees but they know what im talking about ask some body that did not buy their bike to enhance their image they bought it because they love to ride.i think i was in kindergarden.So guess what the hook was baited and you got caught tough guy !LMAO!!!!!

    Tell ya what tough guy. I have a goat and a bike. Guess I'm a clone huh? Take a few steps back from your computer and come on out to KC, stand out in my hood and start your tough guy act. After I get done with ya I'm sure a few of my bothers would love to have a piece of ya. Bet you be scream'n like a little girl!

    I know this guy Gruff somewhat, also know the guy in one of his profile pics. I have been on a few club rides with him (not someone to be playing with or talking S**t to). He is not wearing purple and gold because it matches his eyes. Some of the Old School bikers from around here.
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    Quoting DakotaBlu:

    speedyjerry write:

    bikeman542a write:

    DakotaBlu write:
    HarleyDragon wrote: deal with it cause I am busy with jerry (a.k.a. Festus , Wally Gator , Earnest ) trying to get Miss Kitty corraled

    Before I sign on, I wanna know one thing... what's my cut? ha....

    Run Blu run!!!

    Shut up, ain't you got sompin to eat?.

    hmmmm... I'd rather ride than run... after thinkin about it, I figure ridin with Dragon and Jer would be the experience of a lifetime... so I'm in baby... lemme know when we hit the road... oh yeah... Miss Kitty's supplyin' the bourbon and branch... yeehaaahhh

    Damn this was some funny stuff back then, where oh where is the Ole Harley Dragsta and Blu, hope yall is tight! loves ya.
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    I started ridin in '68. Started riding on the street in '78. It was rainin that day an I had waited long enough.. so I got wet :D

    I have had more bikes than I can count. Right now I have a pair of harleys. Softail and sporty. Each has my personality built into it. I like bikes so much that I tossed the trucks and cars. Course in Hollywierd weather I can get away with that. If I realy need a car or truck I borrow or rent one. I am pretty sure I am adding a Hyabusa to the pack cuz who needs 3 Harleys?

    To me, a bike is a machine. A machine is a tool and I see no reason to drive nails with a skill saw. I have yet to find a corporation which is loyal to me so you sure won't see me being loyal to a corporation any time soon.

    To me a real biker has nothin to do with miles , clothin, logos or any of that mess. Three weeks ago a fool in a Mercedes ran me down while I was standin still. He was doin about 40 an hit me head on. Luckily I walked away but my passenger wasn't so lucky. Nor was my bike. The next day, I pulled my other bike outta mothballs, got it runnin and road out to the hospital to see my passenger who got a new hip outta the deal.

    My point is this. A biker rides cuz there is no other choice. They have to. You can't scare them off. It's not a fad or fashion. It's just who they are and what they do. Some people only figured this out yesterday and some of us figured it out 28 years or more ago.

    There used to be a saying, "if I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand". Meanwhile, as it has always been, the folks doin it for fun or to look cool or to save on gas or pick up chix....are always a great source of used parts >:)

    PS In Los Angeles I get no respect at all on a quiet bike. But if its loud and thumpy enough to be felt in a closed car (unlike a siren) they tend to get outta my way. I split a LOT of traffic and quiet bikes just don't cut it at all.

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    Oh, I wanted to put a plug in for a benifit ride we have here in our area, it's a toys for tots ride we have every 4th of july, been having it for about the last 5 or so years and gets bigger every year. starts out at the wings of eagles aviation museum at the elmira / Zcorning regional airport, for info, check out the web site for wingz 104.9 (radio station} Hope to see you there, Semper Fi.
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    Ya know, I've road mostly rice burners, except for the one brit bike I owned, sweet bike really, a '72 triumph daytona, to bad I high sided it in a corner, anyways, I've ridden a few HD over the years, actually nice riding scoots, sadly HD doesn't make a dualsport, or I'd buy one, well maybe I will one of these days, but ya gotta have the funds ya know. I do have to comment on one thing about some that ride HD, those loud exhausts, don't really help make you any more noticable, I don't care what you say, working as a fireman, driving through an intesection with lights and siren going, and morons don't hear that, I can't see how you believe that straight pipes protect you. Ride like your invisible and stay alive, I don't like to respond to MVA's.
    I think this is a really great posting place, nice people, no posers that I can see. Semper Fi.
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    I wish they had grammar check along with spell check.
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    rides write:

    BabyGirl4You831 write:

    TNBrowneyes write:
    Deva, if you look in the ph one book, you can find places that offer classes that will help you improve your spelling, as well as computer classes that will teach you that all caps is the same as screaming. Now, be a good little dysfunctional crazy angry moron, & go to bed. The men in the white coats will be there soon to give you more meds.

    lmmfao!!!! well said

    there sure is a bunch of funny fukers here, but u got my vote, lmfao

    are THERE REALLY CLASSES THAT TEACH THAT CAPS ARE SCREAMING ???? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
    be with GRIP
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    For my '05 RoadKing Classic, I went to fuel injection-remapped and screaming eagle exhaust, reall deep and throaty. ALL are covered under the original warrenty. HOWEVER moving to the 115(bigbore) that is NOT warrenteed as original, BE WARE,, kinda like GLASS PACKS for a cage, ya can buy em but they ain't legal.
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    Wannabe's, always wondered about that, oh, sorry everyone, I'm new here, but read the posts and thought I'd give my 2 cents worth on the subject, anyways. Maybe I'm a wannabe by some peoples definition, maybe not, personally I don't care, I ride for my own reasons, I ride summer, fall, winter and summer, I average 5k during the summer months {both of them} maybe 10 k all year long. I don't ride to impress, or show off, sure I drive a tad too fast sometimes, but my thumper only goes just so fast anyways. I ride to enjoy the view and the feeling. and in case your wondering, I ride one of them big thumper dualsport bikes, a Kawasaki KLR 650 { can see the HD crowd roll their collective eyes now} Yep, only a 650, any bigger and it's too much of a tank in the woods. I have friends that ride everything from a classic indian { rod bought the bike new, tells ya how old he is} to them darn crotch rockets and everything in between. We all have the same passion, to get out and ride. No destination, just the ride. I went for a short ride last summer and found myself in Vancouver BC, { I live in upstate NY }{ I was on vacation in case your wondering} I never have a bad word for anyone that rides 2 or 3 wheels , though I can't say the same for some I've met. Life is a journey, not a destination, enjoy the ride. Semper Fi all.
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    owlinthewoods write:
    this string went so many ways im not sure what the actual idea was anymore,except a harley person got a wing riders case, the rest is lost.
    humm i like th direction and go not destination to get to.seems to defeat the purpose doesnt it.
    even in another country i cant escape the biker thing, everyone says i look biker talk biker and act biker, b ut i thought i just rode alot.
    oh well.
    but could use some new insights on the new hog though. i want it tweaked a little without messing with warranty,louder pipes, i gave up the deal less loud gets you stopped less, i get stopped anyway at 3 or 4 am,for everything so why abuse my bike by sounding so putty and quite.but then i know what to do, i just want some other ideas on how?????????????????

    owl the one that really started it was putting down those that road Harleys
    he left or deleted his post--HD found his love and is not active on the site anymore
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    mspyder write:
    On both of my bikes I told the stock pipes and "cleaned" them out. They both have that nice rumble to them. Every once in a while I see and hear a loud bike and it just seems to match the bike...Old Shovels....

    So true brother, my point exactly. The key part of your reply is match the bike. My point is not to want loud pipes for the sake of volume. But to make you grunt like Tim Taylor when you here them, oh oh ohhhh
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    On both of my bikes I told the stock pipes and "cleaned" them out. They both have that nice rumble to them. Every once in a while I see and hear a loud bike and it just seems to match the bike...Old Shovels....
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 05, 2006 at 03:00 PM

    Let me preface this by saying it is only my opinion. First star by forgetting the notion that louder is better. Look for a sound not a decibal. I myself prefer Vance and hines. The big radius I have on my springer give it a real deep throaty sound and still has the baffles to keep the mid range power. The sound of a v-twin is like a great singer. It is the quality of the voice that makes you go WOW, not the volume.
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