Whats your favorite ride? help me feed this motorcylce bug that has me by the throat !!!!

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    That was stright out of a David Mann pic, real cool..Thats what its all about. Want to get on top of that hill, see only sun rises & sun sets. If we see all the free & simple things of the road, than think of oneself as haveing a gift. So many open roads ahead & not enough time!!!! Chit we better get started...

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    tallthinandhappy write:
    rt 169 in conn or rt 202 up in mass , and yes anywhere in the white mountains

    the kangamangus highway....oh ya..
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    One of my favorite rides is a state road, two lane...up, down, twisties, country, little traffic out to a State Park...round the lake..and back. Always an enjoyable ride.

    Hope to add more..but the next ride is always the best ride.
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    I like hwy101 from Ca, thru OR and ends in northern WA state. Beautiful scenery, many curves, great places to eat and fresh air.
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    THE NEXT ONE, WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE RIDE. It gives me something to look forward to. There's nothing like riding with everything around you. THE VIEW, (the colors are so much more real, than riding in a car), THE SMELLS, (that fresh cut field of hay or what ever you pass by), the WIND on you, that SPECIAL TOUCH from each other when riding two-up. When you pass a another bike or group of bikes going the other way, and you wave a each other. We are a part of a brotherhood, that someone who doesn't ride will never know or understand. We are willing to stop and help a bike along side the road, never knowing them before this time and place. And knowing that someone on a bike would stop and help me also if I was having trouble. Take Care All, Ride Safe and Always Have Fun.
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    Dave.....Done a lot of riding in that area just North of Leggett, CA. Hwy 1 ends at 101, but there are many roads off of it that re-connect heading North. A lot of loops through pld growth redwood forests and along rapid infested rivers. The Oregon coast is great too, especially during the week. Weekends are a bit crazy. Makes me want to head out there now, so many rides, so little time...
  • View author's info posted on Nov 24, 2005 10:03

    as all the above , any ride....not ridden the states yet,only europe...some of the views and roads are out of this world!
  • View author's info posted on Nov 24, 2005 03:30

    Like many of you have said here and in numerous other posts, usually any ride on any day is your favorite. I must agree. I'm always excited to throw my leg over and power away.

    There are also places I seek to return to. Some of these places are close by where I live. I take these familiar routes and watch the scenery change as the seasons progress.

    When I travel to other parts of the country, I have found places worthy of a return visit as well as places where friends live, and when I'm in these other places away from home, I have my favorite places to return to there as well.

    A couple of examples are the Honeydew loop road, also known as the tiger Cat road near Eureka, California. Through the ancient redwood trees, over high steep coastal mountains with narrow twisting unmarked blacktop, along the ocean, through small laid back hamlets and along rivers and creeks where you can stop and soak your feet. This ride is around 75 miles. Plenty of opportunities to camp either on the ocean or at AW Way County Park. If camping doesn't suit you, there are some small cottages and a couple of motels in the area.

    Another place is the area around garnd Junction, Colorado. Highway 141 South is my favorite there. So many different ways to meander through mountains and desert valleys. Telluride, Gunnison, Black Canyon, Four Corners, Durango, Cortez and the list goes on and on. Scenic vistas at every turn. It's as if you are attending church to head out on this road through Gateway it is so peaceful and beautiful.

    I'm sure most of you can relate with your own places. The places you daydream of being when you're not riding and wish you were.

    Peace to all, Safe riding.
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    Any ride any day...
    I live in Humboldt County California in the heart of the redwoods and after a tough day at work I like to ride the Avenue of the Giants along the Eel River. Its a beautiful 26 mile ride and you end up at the Riverwood Inn and that's one great biker bar, great Mexican food too.
    The Redwood Run is a BLAST too.
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  • View author's info posted on Nov 20, 2005 13:06

    spadoman write:
    If your on this site, you either have a bike or are interested in bikes. Even if your lookin' for a soul mate, you must want that person to either like bikes, or like your scooter.
    So, the topic is: What is your favorite ride? Was it a once in a lifetime trip? Was it a place you return to often? Was it an experience that was made by who you were with and/or the motorcycle ride?
    I'll see if this thread gets going, then I'll tell you about one of my favorite rides.

    Oh, and if it's a fantasy ride, here's a place to talk about that, too. Maybe it's someplace you intend to go someday or with someone.

    So, spill yer guts.

    right now it is any ride

    i just got my bike this yr and it is a fulfilled goal--and if i ride to the gas station to fill him up--it excites me(grinning)put almost 60 miles on today sooooooooooooo i'm happy--amytime i can be in the wind

    doc--i love my bike--i love my bike---i love my bike
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