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    just went for a ride up to the mountains with brother inlaw (busa) and a friend (gsxr1100) for a vjmc swap meet there were thousands of bikes up and down the mountain and heaps of friendly people nodding to you as they passed all except anyone that rode a harley what is it with them are they to good to wave or nodd they would have started on a jap bike wouldn't have they ? to all those harley riders that don't smile wave or nodd to fellow bikers please explain why your better than me thanks.
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    I laughed so hard,"leaky vibrator crap" I just love finding something like this to comment on, bitch/wine is it. Ok men, I would like to comment too, it is like this. If your from the South driving your truck along a country road the two finger salute off the steering wheel is a common practice. It is a common courtesy born in the South, "it say's howdy" and if your from the North you learn real quick to reciprocate if you do not want to be talked about as being unfriendly.

    In the biker world I here this complaint all the time. Brand matters not to most, it is a matter of choice! Bikers have huge egos and there can be a pecking order of sorts, accept it. Sometimes it is those bikers, shall we say, of a rank who ride the open road and never acknowledge anyone, that is there right in this country. Let it be, it for sure is not worth getting your undies in a bundle over, trust me. We are all individuals, I personally do not know a stranger. It is part and parcel of my heritage,the way I was raised but not all folks are like me and I accept this. Ride your bike, give all bikers the same courtesy of acknowledgement on the road and don't worry about it. Be happy the open road belongs to all of us my friend.

    Ride safe, rubber side down...ooo did that guy acknowledge me

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    Who cares! Just keep do'in your thing!
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 26, 2007 at 11:29 AM

    Maybe they are pre-occupied with how to make the next payment, or the possible Honda buyout of Harly-Davidson.

    It's not about the bike but about the ride, so wear it out!

    Kepp waving...
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 25, 2007 at 06:36 PM

    I have experienced some of this as well. Most riders do nodd or wave, but there are a few bad eggs out there. Don't think it's all of them though. I have had the same lack of response from Goldwing riders as well. For anyone that doesn't wave thinking they are better than anyone else.....Well f&*(&)*!
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