Can men and women really be just friends or riding buddies? Friendship

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    NORTY write:
    Maybe he doesn't want to take a chance of ruining your friendship by trying to "close the deal..."
    Or..he's just not into you.
    Or..I just don't know what's up with him.
    Yup, I choose the last one.

    Disclaimer: If any part of this response can be taken 2 ways and one way makes you mad or upset, then I meant it the other way.

    LOL Norty, you're a very verry smart man! CYOA!
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    Silver.....Its good to catch up with you again.....Men and Women can definitley do things together and keep it that way.....I do many things with my male friends and that's where it stays.....If it went anywhere else it would change these beautiful friendships
    and you know what... they always have your back no matter what....keep it for what it is your sensitive right now....if it is going to be something else you'll know!.....but enjoy the relationship for what it is right now......Mo
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    I have a number of lady friends that would ride a t a moments notice,but you have to define your relationship so theres no confusion between friends and more than can sleep with anybody,but friends are hard to find .
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    I think it is possible. But, did most of us not meet significant others through friendship?

    I think it is a bit jaded to assume everyone that wants a friendship has an ulterier motive. Many do I am sure.

    But, not to sound too sophmoric, but if something develops between friends/buddies, what is wrong with that?

    Myself, going through a split after 13 years of marriage, I want to meet new people and forge friendships.... spend FUN time together. Sort of at a place right now that that is the limit I set.

    NEver know though. Every day starts a new beginning and every night closes the curtain til the next day.

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    and you know--the best relationships start as friends--and commonality

    so whatever the future brings will be a surprise--you never know what is in store

    and i do understand--my 24 yr marriage ended 3 yrs ago--and believe me the 1st few dates i had were somewhat terrorifying(sp)
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    i have many male friends that ride and there is nothing more to our relationahip than friendship

    i don't know if it happens as much in the non-rider world but in this one we all have a common ground that binds our souls
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