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    Just to let all the members of Biker Kiss know that I will be competeing in this years Isle of Man TT Races this coming May/June and any members that are attending the event they will be more than welcome to visit my Race Truck in the Paddock at any time during the forthnight . Look forward to meeting any members that are attending TT 2007.
    Ride Safe and Free Always Realroadracer.

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    I originally posted this over a week ago. It must have gotten lost in BK purgatory, so here it is again.

    Kevin, I had hoped to be able to make the 100 Th TT, but just couldn?t swing it. Sorry to learn that you won?t be riding the mountain circuit this year. Maybe both our fortunes will be better next year. I?ll try to contact you if it looks like I?ll be going. Enjoy the fortnight and best of luck for the rest of the racing season. Cheers.
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    Buell XB12X to race at Isle of Man TT 2007

    Our successful 2006 Buell XB12X based road racer has now been sold to a team that will run the bike at the 100th Anniversary TT on the Isle of Man this year.

    The bike will be ridden by Kevin 'Ago' Murphy in the Senior TT race, and you can follow the team's progress at www.irishagoracing.info

    Ridden by Phil Read in 2006, this bike finished 10th in the 2006 UK Thunderbike championship despite missing 3 of the 9 rounds, and scored numerous top 5 placings throughout the year including a 3rd place at the final round.

    This bike featured on the 'race cafe' stand at the International Motorcycle Show in Birmingham 2006 and will also have a 4 page feature in the March 2007 issue of Performance Bikes magazine.

    This bike really is one of a kind, and is the only competitive buell XB race bike in the UK..

    Adrenalin-Moto XB12 Race Bike

    Hi Guys and Girls the above was taken off another website as our sponsor has bought us a Buell XB12X to Race in this years Senior TT if we get our entry accepted it all hinges on that but for now are fingers are crossed ride safe and free always Realroadracer
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    Hiya Pal , just to wish you all the very best in this years TT &North West : i,ll catch you at the latter ..in the pits ;) xx

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    Got some benchracing tales?
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    Well let see how did i get to the TT Races. It all started back in 1962 when my folks brought me there for my summer holidays and every year after that until i was old enough to go on my own.
    I went from 1975 till 1983 on my road bike. I started racing in 1978 and thought in 1984 it was time i had a go at the TT mountain course in the Manx Grand Prix newcomers race and finished 13th . Very happy with my first attempt and have competed on and off ever since with some success my best finish was 7th in the 1998 Supersport 400 race.
    This year is the 100th TT as it started back in 1907. We are taking a different route this year as ill be racing British and American Bikes. For the Junior event i have the use of a fully tuned Triumph Daytona 600 and for the Big Senior Race my American mount is a Buell XB 12 X Tuned for Racing. Ive always wanted to be the Fastest American Motorcycle around the TT course.Hope this answers your questions Ride Safe and Free Always Ago.....

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 04, 2007 at 09:12 PM

    Just got the tto5 dvd. I get scared
    just wacthen the dang thang! Have fun.
    Do ya hve time to tell us What ya got
    to do to get there?
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 02, 2007 at 03:19 PM

    Good luck dude...
    The Isle is one of the most danagerous Races in the world!

    Be careful and live... Remember in the end it was just a race.
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