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    What the hell is wrong with the new bikers that are around today,I've been riding bikes for over 27 years when bikes rock and dope (Ok I'll cut the dope given the correct society that we live in today)went hand in hand, there has been a explosion in the uk of people buying bikes cus they are fashionable,we own more large capacity sports bikes in the uk per given head of population than anywhere else in the world, then they sit in the garage because the owners its to cold or wet,jesus this is the uk why buy one?
    come on people lets get back to the old ways where bikers are sociable,who get out and do runs which cover a bit more mileage than your grannys mobility scoot (no I'm not talking about the pub car park meet where the sole purpose is to hoist a few and see if you can beat your mate on a half mile blast to the rounabout and back) I have watched friends over the years get married most sold there bikes as kids came along ,some live's were cut short and never even had a chance but at least there was heart, and the new generation has come along and it really saddens me to see what a pathetic bunch of fair weather bikers have emerged,come on guys and girls lets get back to the way biking should be.

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  • View author's info posted on Feb 05, 2007 11:05

    I think i learnt to ride initially to piss my ex husband off. Life expectancy of 2 weeks and all that. Thought it might cause him a few sleepless nights! so off i went cbt.... next day buy cagiva mito....lovely....3 months later full license.....even better..... Honda Hornet 600......excellent..... 1 month later Honda Fireblade...... Fucking mutts nuts i tell you. 200 miles on the train effortlessly beautiful ride home. At this point i realised that the only journeys worth making were really long ones. Credit card bikers on thier gixers that get washed every sunday eve after 4 miles please GET A LIFE

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  • View author's info posted on Dec 29, 2006 21:39

    i know exactly where your coming from, they are called the credit card bikers lol, they are so fright end to put miles on these machines because they will loose value, i nearly run over these guys in my car cos the are so fright end to lean their bikes over in a round about, then when you see 2 lines of cars in a traffic jam these guys are sat behind the cars, just like they would in there own car, man they are an embarrassment,

    OK end of rant now sorry,

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