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my kids on my birthday
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Posted on Wed, Dec 21, 2005 18:59

hiya guys.... it was my birthday on the 17th and had a great day thanx to my kids.. all 4 of them made it so special as im still not on my feet properly , they all made me feel very much loved and appreciated.they brought me a card and each got me a little present with their own money which made them all feel very impressed with themselves, they made me a birthday meal between then and my friend brought me a birthday cake, he even brought his bike over so i cud sit on it hahahaha... Christmas is go in to be so much fun after the crap year i hav had with a break up, 2 ops and major amounts of physio.... i am so luck to have such great kids and they are all very keen for mum to get back on her feet and back on a bike...
hope u all have a great Christmas


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