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    I talked to a guy on line a few weeks ago and he said he was at a nearby hotel. I reread his profile and he listed that he lived in a nearby town. Then I looked some more and he said he was seperated. (AAHh so the wife has the house.) Then he said what room he would be in and said I could come by. Now I realize that I have been out of the loop for awhile, but what woman in their right mind would meet some guy she'd talked to 2 times in a hotel room of all things?! I think it's crazy.
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    A little history lesson from his point of view, hopefully....
    He's separated. Means he's been out of touch for a while. He isn't thinking about your safety issues, just Hey, if you'd like to come talk, here's where I live.
    In other words, it isn't personal. Let him know that you'd prefer to meet somewhere public instead, and that it's for both of your safety. He'll understand that.
    Now are there zeroes out there that have nothing better to do than play games and hurt people? Sure. Of both sexes. Hope that helps.
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    well now let me just tell you a bit of fyi or for those out of what is the looooop
    Darling we may as well face the sad arse truth of it...
    It is not all about the heros its more about the BIG ZEROS.
    Good lord knows you have to pick many a weed these days to find just one flower.
    But what real woman wants a fn flower so there you have it
    good luck
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