. . . waiting, will you endure the test? Religion

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    God awards patience with more patience.
    St. Augstine--if memory is right

    I wonder if planets are anxious about their orbit times? Or the moon about its phase? Or the river if it will be late reaching the ocean? Or the seasons?
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    Hi--well the leg of the journey I'm on right now has me working more hours and days than ever in my life but what's funny is it's the solution to the troubles I was having! I guess I had too much time on my hands and wasn't dealing with it well so the Lord decided to keep me busy. Thanks again for your prayers... the Lord was quick to answer. Miki
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    Endurance- the test of time- good subject-To endure all things- going through that right now myself neal- and the only thing that i can say gets me through this tough test- is to know if i do endure all- and by doing it God's way and not my way- then I know i will be blessed and those around me will be blessed. To surrender all to the Lord- for they are his battles and not ours. through this test of endurance God has shown me some grace-to show me life will get better- for he wants to keep me humble and therefore does not show all his grace at once.But when I receive a sign of his grace- I know my life is going in the direction in which he leadeth me.This is my journey to get closer to God. Amen and God bless
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