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Posting Delays and New Content.
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Posted on Wed, Apr 26, 2006 20:25

Sent this in as an e-mail the other day, but might as well put it here and see what others say about it.

1) Suggest you post things immediately with a link on each post for readers to select to report offensive material.
This would relieve the load on your site reviewers as they would only be having to review actually problems (as stated by the users, and lets face it.. it's not an actual problem unless the users think it is.). This would keep B.K. from having to review each and every post.
Also by posting things immediately you would get rid of a lot of the complaints from the paying members.

2) Many sites I have been to will track which entries a member has already seen. You currently rearrange the forums and blogs so that the latest entries are on the top of the list.. but Members often have to reread the same items over and over due to not being sure where they have been before. (it's easy to lose track with so much content out there).
If you would put a "whats new" or "new content" link that listed what you personally have not read, then moving through the forums to read new posts would be much easier.

I think if you made these changes you'd find a much higher level of customer satisfaction and a much lower workload for the B.K. moderators as well.

Ohh .. and the Blogs.. you already have the forums.. setting up the Blogs is a confusing way of doing the same thing

These are prob. things which have already been addressed by your long term members... I'm still trying to catch up so forgive me if it's repeats of stuff thats already out there. lol.

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Posted on Sat, May 20, 2006 21:39

HarleyChic1 write:
SuccessfulMatch dot com manages BikerKiss dot com and all the sites listed below. I'm sure there are more sites owned by successfulMatch but I think I listed enough of them.

So why can't they BK & SuccessfulMatch fix this site??

They make enough money from all these sites to fix the problems here on BK. If there having a problem here on BK I'm sure all the sites are having the same problems. I don't think they only have a couple of people working on all the sites, there just giving the people a line of Sh!t there not working on anything.

I did see 2 sites that I wasn't happy to see and I refuse to send my money to SuccessfulMatch again to support that specific group. So BK will no longer get any more money from me.

I have 22 more days on here, so who ever would like to stay in touch with me e*mail me and I'll tell you where you can reach me.

>> WTF??? I don't think I need to say anything else...>>

BikerKiss dot come
CatholicCupid dot com
College Romances dot com
LargeFriends dot com
PositiveSingles dot com
SingleParentMatch dot com
LatinFriends dot com
PetsFriends dot com
JewishFriendship dot com
AgeMatch dot com
LDate dot com (Where Lesbian Singles feel at home) LOL
LDSRomances dot com
InterracialMatch dot com
Jromances dot com
SeniorMatch dot com
SportsFriends dot com
GothicMatch dot com
GreekCupid dot com
MillionaireMatch dot com
MasonSoft dot com (Mormon singles)
NudistFriends dot com
GKiss dot com (Gay Men)
LatinFriends dot com
EbonyFriends dot com
MusicCupid dot com
SportsCupid dot com
TallFriends dot com
GreenFriends dot com (vegetarian singles)

ForcesofNature dot com (Warts, Genital Warts, HPV, Herpes, Genital Herpes, cold Sores) WTF?? never knew there was a site like that its set up like BK too....LMFAO

WomanFitness dot com
DeafSpot dot net
BaptistFriends dot com

HarleyChic1 write:

"Everyone on this site Should Know this"

This is who's running this site and who were supporting by paying BK for a membership here....

These are the sites:




I had to post it this way because BK keeps deleting it.

Lets see if this posts.
I think it's fuked up!!

I just canceled the auto renewal on my membership.
Three reasons.

1) I lost a friend in the Pentagon on 911. Kip Taylor.. murdered by muslim terrorists...
The Muslim sites that are associated with B.K... Ain't no damn way they get another penny of my money.

2)Things like what B.K. did to your post .. this kind of "selective" censorship is BULLSHIT B.K. can not pick and chose what subjects get talked about on the forums and expect people to put up with it.

3)I've been here for long enough to see that B.K. is not improving the site.. they talk about it, but I'm not seeing results.. why should I pay for a site that does not work.

My membership expires in July, after that I'll continue to check in here, but I won't be paying any more money to a company that supports sites that agree with the Muslim terrorists who attacked my country and killed my friend.

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Posted on Mon, May 01, 2006 21:02

The delay in posting to threads and topics doesn't work for me.

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Posted on Mon, May 01, 2006 17:11

Agreed....on everything.

There is no difference btwn the blogs and the forums IMHO.

I would appreciate having my replies to the forums added immediately again. Shoot I been reading a forum for four days and my post hasn't be added yet...gets frustrating.

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